Playing the music.

All good? We’re in the music folder now, aren’t we? And let’s say when you did ls, you found out there were a number of music files there one among them being song.ogg.

Ubuntu comes with a pre-installed player called totem which plays the free format files like ogg, ogv, etc. So using the mouse, in order to play the file song.mp3, you’ll just double-click on it or you will right-click on it and select the ‘open with’ option.

In a terminal, you use the name of the movie player followed by the music file in order to play it. In this case

totem song.ogg &

That’ll open up the movie player and the song will start playing. Keep in mind that the movie player only supports free format audio and video files. If you want it to play mp3 files, suitable codecs should be installed. We’ll come to that later.

See the ampersand sign at the end of the command line? It is to run the application (in this case the movie player) isolated from the terminal. That is, when you run the above command, the movie player opens and the prompt in the terminal will reappear waiting for your command. On the other hand, if you don’t use the ampersand, the prompt won’t reappear after you have opened the movie player.

Now if you want to move back to the previous folder (ie, the home folder) you usually click the ‘back’ button, don’t you? In the terminal we use the following command

cd ..

Note the two dots after cd.

Check it out. 🙂


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