Listing and changing directories.

Well, you guys do take the mouse, hover over  to the ‘places’ place on the panel and click ‘Home folder’ in it, don’t you? A window opens displaying what all are there in the Home folder. Then if you want to listen to music,  you double-click on the music folder whereby it opens up and displays whatever is inside it.

Let’s try to see the analogy.

Whenever you open a terminal, it by default will be ‘staying’ in the home folder. Just like when you clicked ‘home folder’, a window opened displaying everything there right? The difference is that, the ‘prompt’ (The line displayed in the terminal with a cursor blinking at its end) does not automatically display whatever is in the directory it is in. If you wish to see the items in the home folder,  just type

ls (short for ‘list’)

and you can see what all are present in the home folder (textually, of course).

Now suppose the name of the folder containing your music files is ‘music’, and if you wish to access that folder from your home folder the command you use is

cd (short for ‘change directory’)

For accessing the folder named ‘music’, type cd music. Now that you’re in the ‘music’ folder (directory), the terminal won’t automatically show what all it contains. So as earlier, you have to use ls.

Check it out. 🙂


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