Brotherhood of MH.

MH, the letters that sent a shiver through all the first year students studying at my college.

I’ve been a part of it. Yeah right. Got lots of memories.

Let me take you to the scene. MH 1. The right wing. Room 99. That’s where I belong.

When I came here, I was very well equipped. Bucket, cup, brush, paste, pen, pencil, scale, A4s and what not! I had my own soap too!

But the brotherhood of MH was more than any other that I ever saw.

One fine day morning just after shifting to 99, one of my neighbours came and asked me for my bucket and cup so that he could bath. Me being a good sport handed it right over to him. That marked the beginning.

Soon I was clueless so as to what happened. Well, not only clueless but bucketless, cupless, soapless, pasteless, penless, paperless and thank God they didn’t take away my under garments. But I’m not to be trifled with! I joined the game and soon I was making everyone bucketless and cupless! There was no ownership for anything and no asking for permission of anything. If you want it, then you are its owner. Such was the brotherhood of MH.

But all this while I was under a secret hope that they would come back to me. My bucket and cup. They were with me from the very first day of mine at college. And that hope was finally rewarded today!

When I was up at 6 in the morning and going to wash my face, I happened to look at the opposite wing. There she was!! My bucket! In the hands of a senior going to the toilet. My breathe quickened, my walk turned into a run and my adrenaline was pumped. I was like a hero trying to save his loved one from a villain. Running in slow motion, I caught him.

“My bucket!”, said I in a tone of authority. He had no choice but to give it as my name written on it was still visible, barely.

Triumphantly, I went back to my room.

When it was time to bath (at about 8), one of my neighbours (who was my first year room mate) came and told me, “Kaaks, I have a surprise for you.”

(Slow music playing in the background and a holy light shining in through the door)

And there it was! My cup in all its glory!!

I  jumped and grabbed it from him.

As I said, finally my hope has been rewarded. Both now rest safely under my cot. Hope they be there till I shift into single rooms.


The last night of a hosteler.

When finally the days are over…

When finally you have put behind all the tiring assignments, sessionals and all…

When finally you have become an engineer…

When finally the time has come for you to leave this life at college once and for all…

You don’t want to leave.

You want those times again. You want to just forget about tomorrow and sleep. Waking up the next day early to eat breakfast and leave for college. The packed up bag and the empty rails along with the silence reminds you that your dream is not going to happen…

You think of getting out of your room to go into your friends’ room. But you find no strength to do it. After all, none of them have come to yours. Some of your friends have already left. They’re probably at their homes by then.

“Why did they leave even without a single word?”, you think.

You think of going to one of your friends and telling him farewell… You understand why no one told you they were leaving…

You understand….


There is nothing special. Just another night in your life that you have to sleep through. You close your eyes.

All of them come flying to you…

All the memories…

All those moments that you have shared together…

The friendships that were made, the love that was felt, the decisions that were made, the celebrations that were done….

Your breathe becomes heavier and you find that words don’t come when you try to raise your voice.

“Its just one night!”, you tell yourself. But its not like any of the nights that you have ever lived through in your whole life.

All the thoughts just become too much for you. And you take the only way out of the situation. You let your emotions out. You cry.

The silent tears flow. You don’t know why. You can’t think why. You think of anything and everything that comes into your mind. The tears just won’t stop…

Your room’s door slowly opens… You try to stop yourself… But you see him standing there.

Nothing in the world could stop you.

You jump and hug him.

You can’t find words to say nor can you think of anything…

The tears just keep flowing and all that you can do is to tighten your hug…

After a while, you leave the hug and don’t look at his face… And neither does he at yours… He walks away and you lock your door.

“Just one more day! Oh please God… Just one more day…”, so you pray wishing for the impossible.

All the times that you’ve pulled through living boldly and strong, nothing helps at the moment… You fall on your bed and burst into tears… The child within comes out… And you”re just a little kid who wants a bit attention…

“Just one more day….”, the last thought that comes to you…

You sleep your last night. You’re leaving never to return again.

God give me strength.