“I find your abundance of conservatism to be disturbing”, said he, which is all that I needed to start my train of thoughts.

One of the ways of defining conservatism is as, “The tendency to resist new experiences’.

I guess conservatism is more or less the exact opposite of being a liberal. I understand this classification is based on beliefs rather than on personal tastes. On second thought, to draw such a fine line of classification is wrong because, if you think about it, it depends on both to an extent. Let’s move on and see.

One way of defining conservatism, as far as I can see, is as the fear to come out of your comfort zone. This brings us to the question of when does one’s comfort zone get fully established? Is there even such a thing as fully established comfort zone?

It is not like you define your comfort zone at a certain age. It keeps on growing. You definitely will be comfortable doing something now which you were not comfortable doing, say, five years back. So this “new thing” is within your comfort zone now, when once, it wasn’t.

This means that sticking to one’s comfort zone makes him do things and take decisions based on his life’s experiences he has gathered so far, which, I hope you will agree, is not a bad thing.

In this perspective, not being conservative, is to be lenient in growing your comfort zone. Let things into your CZ without too much of resistance and experimenting. However, that depends on the methods in your CZ, that you use to grow your CZ. Let’s sit back and see what all methods we use to grow it.

The first and foremost, I would say, would be “need”. When you absolutely need something, you would try any means to achieve it, thereby bringing all that you tried under your CZ. I believe this is the sudden and fastest way of growing it. Of course, I’m not talking about the same need again and again, but new needs.

The second one would be “curiosity”. This, as far as I can think of, won’t be sudden. You are not driven by the “need” for getting something done here. You are simply trying to quench your personal thirst. In this process, I think the basic nature of humans would be to shield themselves from as much harm and hurt as possible. Which means you are going to take it nice and slow while experimenting, unless, to get hurt or be harmed is already in your CZ.

The third one would be being an “extrovert”. Of course, this would very well classify as being crazy as well, but what I mean here is the “why not?” attitude.

In a broad and general manner of classifying the methods we depend upon in order to extend our CZ, I believe the above three covers pretty much everything. However, you might have noticed that the above three things, more or less, is beyond a person’s control. All these three things depend upon the fundamental, inborn differences that human beings have, where they were born and how they were brought up, their surroundings and circumstances in life. These will be different for almost everyone on God’s green Earth and hence, everyone’s CZ and the pace of its growth will be different.

Now, coming back to the definition of conservatism, even though one of the definitions that I gave for it is the fear of coming out of one’s comfort zone, that is not the only obstacle to not being a conservative. I did not mean ‘obstacle’ in a negative sense there.

Being conservative will definitely have something to do with one’s belief as well – Religion and parents’, teachers’, families’ and friends’ teachings. When this sinks in a person, he takes for granted the meaning of certain things. I mean, that is what belief is about, isn’t it? “Believe your mom when she tells you chocolates are bad for your teeth”. You respect and love her so much that you take her word for it. Is that something to be blamed for? I don’t think so. All you have t make sure is that you be really careful in selecting the people whom you are going to respect and love the most. Most of us already have these priorities set.

So, if a person is a disbeliever, it is that much easier for him to become a liberal. But does this mean that that is THE path to be followed? You have your beliefs and I have mine. Let’s respect each other for that. Peace. Coffee?

Coming to the point of the entire article, did he take all these things into consideration when he said he was disturbed by my conservatism? Is being conservative a wrong thing? His circumstances might have been different where he was born and bought up from mine. So I say everyone won’t be like you. Take it easy and give me chances. I’m sure I’ll expand my CZ, even though it might be a bit slow.


The sensuously irascible guy.

Now that I sit back and take a good long look at that title, I must say, “The title says it all”. Moreover yes, “irascible” was a new word for me as well. When Aayan gave all of us our sheets of paper with a word written on it, I got that word. I know, being a writer, I should have acted like I knew what it meant and should have simply started writing about it. However, thank God I wasn’t too full of myself or I would’ve ended up writing something totally irrelevant to that word.

I put a helpless expression on my face and looked around stating, not asking, “I don’t even know what this word means”. To my surprise, everyone was as humble as me (ahem!) and Lalana was the first among them to google and find the word’s meaning for me.

“Easily made angry”, it said.

Great! I had to write a short story in 100 words about a sensuously irascible guy. What could be more awesome than that? Anyway, all of us did our parts and somehow stuck them together to make up a wonderfully senseless story about this dude called Raj/Mohan, who is completely burnt out doing assignment after assignment and exams after exams. He is so irritated that he choke slams his friend onto to the wall of their room when his friend asked him for a book.

In that state of anger and strife, he calls up Meena and asks her whether she would like to come over for a swim. She agrees, of course and they have the most sensual dip in the pool where he goes under and comes up in between her legs and what not.

He video tapes her without her noticing it and to his surprise, she suddenly disappears from the front of the camera and comes up behind him.

They both sit together and the emotions build up inside them. They don’t want to be safe and be conventional, they wanted to be decadent, and they did; succumbing to the animal instincts.

Finally they sit together reasoning about what they had done and how it was a natural thing to happen.

Well, that’s it! Irascible, Water, Moist, Decadent and Evoke were the words that our team got and that is the story we made up. However, I haven’t been able to do justice to my friends’ writings as the way they had written the short piece of 100 words was mind blowing.

Check out The Bangalore writing club. Looking forward for the next meetup!