Learned Web2.0 the hard way.

So, Kiran decided that he wanted to make “funnel” (http://funnel.hasgeek.com/) as a separate application so that people could use it for their own events and stuff. After all of us at HasGeek had a face to face discussion regarding the matter, we reached the point where we had to think of a new domain name for the app. The discussion was left off at there, only to be reinitialized again on the IRC last Friday night.

People jumped in and started suggesting names – funnelit, thefunnel, heyhofunnel and funnelwhatnot. The list went on and on and on. It is hard to contain one’s temptation in such a situation and yours truly had his own share of contributions to make. Well, until what happened next.

Yours truly is “kaakku” on IRC and he came up with a brilliant name. See what followed:

* chandan_kumar (~chandan@ has joined #hasgeek
<kaakku> Funneller.com?
<jace> fnlr?
<anandology> funnelr.com is web2.0
<jace> funnelr?
* tazz (~gaurav@ has joined #hasgeek
<anandology> 🙂
<jace> yeah, we’re not 2.0

There you go! Kaakku was sitting there in front of his computer thinking what the heck was going on with all the sudden web2.0 references and the misspelled rip off of his brilliant suggestion. He did feel something fishy going on, which took his thoughts to the man, the machine, street hawk. Err.. I don’t where that came in from all of a sudden, but what I meant is that I went to Mr. Jonnalagadda, and expressed my state of ignorance in front of him, only to be faced with a roar of laughter from him as well as the King, Krace!

Ha! Laugh or no laughs, I was not going to go until I got my answer. I was there on a mission, a mission from God. Or, Whatever..

So Kiran decided it was worthwhile to take a few minutes off his coding spree and explain to a certain geek herder what Web2.0 was all about.

Well, it seems Tim O’Reilly coined this term, Web2.0, meaning that web had evolved into its next phase from what it was with just the static pages hosted on a lot of computers. (Man, I just have to say this. Oh really!) Anyway, this thing caught on and people started coming up with all-things-2.0.

Kaakku found the story really amusing and funny. However, he thought, “Yes, that is a really amusing story, but what the heck does that have to do with me suggesting ‘funneler’?” He thought that through his mouth, which carried it to Kiran.

Kiran continued with the story. Somewhere around 2005 or so, a certain photo sharing site was born, or rather, was built by a certain excited group of people who always would shout out with joy. They came up with the idea of the site and a perfect name for it too. However, unlike human names, you were not allowed to have more than one website with the same name. These guys thought hard and long and finally came up with a solution, a solution that made Mr. Kaakku embarrassed on a certain Friday night on a certain IRC channel.

The guys omitted the ‘e’ from ‘flicker’!

Just as the Web2.0 revolution, the idea of ‘omission’ caught on which led to a wildfire of startups and projects all having misspelled names, omitted letters and what not.

“Ah! Here we are!”, thought Kaakku, feeling enlightened and less stupid, having learned Web2.0 and spelling mistakes the hard way.

But come on guys! I suggested “funneler”! Who the heck took out the el’s and eeeeeee’s!

Lesson learned: When someone mentions Web2.0, they are making fun of you. Lol!



8 thoughts on “Learned Web2.0 the hard way.

  1. About the link you gave. I love the simple design. The fonts too are simple, readable, and attractive all at once. I love the HasGeekJobBoard part. And also HasGeekTV… GeekUp…
    And I just realized the use of the word ‘geek’ hahah… very-very creative. Cool-cool-cool.

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