There is nothing better to lift your spirits than a loving sister.


Well, having finished college, being at home, I usually spend quite a lot of time in front of my computer. That is how I got to publish my book, how I blog regularly, etc.

Lately, I have signed up for an Online course on Programming Languages offered by brown university. You can find the details here. Hence I dedicatedly started spending more time in front of the computer. I watch the online classes, read the lecture notes, work out the exercises, do the daily quizzles, work on the weekly assignments and so on.

Two days ago, at exactly 3.30am in the morning, the Universe (Yes!) kinda felt that I was too happy and content with what I was doing, and decided to toy with me. At that exact moment, a fever built up, my stomach started rumbling and I started vomiting too! Things could not get any worse.

Somehow I managed till morning and woke everyone up and told them my condition. My sister being a doctor, made me take an analgesic to lower the fever. When I was a bit more stable, she prescribed a few antibiotics that I started to take right then itself.

I was so totally dehydrated and weakened that I was bed-ridden for the two days. I would sleep, watch some cartoon or movie to distract my mind from the nausea, suffice to say I was in front of my laptop itself.

Yesterday afternoon, my sister came back from her work and saw me lying down watching an episode of “Mind your language”. She, very lovingly, came towards me, took a pen, opened up one of my old records and took a blank page, and drew me the following picture!

Just so that you couldn’t read any : Haris.

What are you doing?


Watching video.






I have a fever.


Ah, I love her. She is one super awesome cool lady. When life gives her lemon, she makes chicken curry with it!


5 thoughts on “There is nothing better to lift your spirits than a loving sister.

  1. HaHa HO!! 🙂 😀 Only sisters knows what exacty there in a brother’s mind. Even most the mothers wont think and understand everything 😛 I know this bcz I have a sister 🙂

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