He is Me.

One day early morning, two people happened to cross each other’s path. One of them was returning home after spending the whole night in prayers and worship while the other person was returning home after a night of ‘shameful’ activities.

Upon seeing each other, the first person thought, “Oh! That poor man must be tired from having prayed all night long”.

Ironically, the second person thought, “Heh, looking at him coming so innocently. Like I don’t know what he has been upto”.


Similar to all the posts that I write, this one does not convey a meaning that is absolutely correct. I’m putting down what I have learned from my personal experiences as well as from the people I’ve met in my life. This only is meant to offer you a different perspective of the normal things that we live through each and everyday. Hence if you disagree or have a completely different take on the matter, you are more than welcome to share them.

The idea that I’m trying to convey is that whenever you really feel that a person is bad, that is because that “badness” exists within you. I’m not talking about what you say about a person in public or to your friends. I’m talking about the thoughts that you have in your conscience regarding a person that you see. When you doubt him for something bad, you usually think that you are having such a verdict because you have experience. However, most of the times, I have found the truth of the matter to be that you come up with that verdict because you yourself are a victim of that.

Interestingly, this not only applies to the negative side of things. When you can genuinely think good about a person, I’ve felt that it is possible mostly because you have that goodness within you. However, it might be well for you and me if we drop this positive side of things because otherwise you will most probably start being arrogant about how good you are. You know what I mean right? Too much of self-righteousness might creep up and nothing can make a person more annoying than that.

Hence the next time you think bad about someone and judge him (which is one nasty thing to do) at least try to give him the benefit of the doubt. Just like that, when you sit there gloomy thinking that how bad and unfair the world around you is, maybe it is time to look within you and start making a few changes starting with the man in the mirror himself.


8 thoughts on “He is Me.

  1. Great post!
    “Hence the next time you think bad about someone and judge him (which is one nasty thing to do) at least try to give him the benefit of the doubt” – Jumping to conclusions is never a good thing.

    • @Mashal: Good one. Which in turn reminds me of a famous quote by I-forgot-who, “When choosing between two sins, I like to do the one I have never tried before”.

      @LK: Exactly. But you know what they say right? Expectations always hurt (although I’m not a big fan of that idea).

      @writes2escape: I don’t know if that holds these days. The faster the world gets, the faster you have to reach at conclulsions. But yeah, I do agree it’s a bad idea.

  2. Great post! I have read my share of metaphysical books about this, but your post explains in a very accessable manner. The world is really our mirror!

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