The tech savvy kid.

We were at my uncle’s home for a family gathering. We had a great feast at noon and were spending the afternoon time chit chatting with each other.

In the midst of this, one of my cousin sisters’ daughter, who was 3 years old, was sitting on the bed in one of the rooms, shouting and making noise trying to get some attention. She used to play with her mom’s mobile phone and she wanted that. However, her mom was a bit busy at that moment.

My sister noticed this. She went towards the little kid and after a few pampering words, gave the little one her phone, which was the ordinary one with the keypad and all.

The little one took the phone from my sis smiling, looked at it and then, started to swipe her cute fingers on the screen, wondering why nothing was happening.


4 thoughts on “The tech savvy kid.

  1. I thing she might be seeing such a phone for first time in her life.. πŸ™‚ In future Our chiidren may wonder when they hear about a phone with wire and trasmmission line.. πŸ˜€

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