Family issues.

“Isn’t it beautiful dear?”, asked Anna affectionately, looking through her bedroom window, out onto the wide open fields. It was a beautiful summer evening. The fields were bathed in the golden rays of the evening sun. The birds were chirping and scurrying about for their final morsel of the day.

“Hmmm…”, said Derek, looking up from the book he was reading. He was not someone who enjoyed being interrupted while his mind was wandering over places unchartered. However, he loved his wife. “It sure is Ann, it sure is…”, he replied.

Anna knew that Derek did not like to be bothered, but some calm and irresistibly gentle feeling made her blurt out with the question. She had actually meant that as more of a statement rather than a question, and did not carry on with the conversation. The feeling was so comforting that she sat mesmerized with the sight.

Her brooding was cut short by her daughter’s voice calling from downstairs. “Mommy, little Jean is back from watering the garden and I’m hungry too!”, called out the 14 year old Rebecca, Anna’s elder daughter.

Even though a little bit irritated for having her chain of thoughts interrupted, Anna got up from the bed, brushed her hair and went down stairs. “You too come honey, I’ll fix us all a snack”, she said as she was about to leave the room.

“In a minute.”, said Derek, without looking up from his book.

Meanwhile, John and his team were standing across the field, about a mile from Derek’s home. He looked into his icara-10, 7-pod screen and frowned. “Status sir?”, asked one of his subordinates. John did not answer.

By the time Anna had finished fixing a snack, Derek was already downstairs. She brought it all and put them on the table where her daughters and Derek were already seated.

“Yay, Burgers!” cried little Jean, hungry and somewhat excited. Rebecca looked and smiled at her handing over a piece for her. While Rebecca was helping her little sister Jean with the snack, Anna looked at the clock, nodded at Derek and stood up from her seat. “I’ll just see that the fence gate is closed and come back”, she said with a smile and went out.

Derek finished his piece and followed her out. Just when he got out, suddenly, Rebecca started feeling uneasy. She felt like something was swelling up inside her and filling her inside out. She started finding it hard to breathe and a burning sensation originated inside her head. The piece of burger fell from her hands and she held her throat, starting to choke and gasp for breath. Little Jean got frightened seeing what was happening to her sister. “Reb!”, she cried out. Just then, Rebecca started bleeding from her nose and mouth, gave a muffled cough and fell onto the table. Little Jean screamed and ran out yelling.

She got out the front door and saw her Mom and Dad standing near the big oak in front of their home. “Mommy!”, she cried and started running towards Anna. However, Anna and Derek did not seem alarmed at all and looked with a pair of cold eyes, at their daughter running towards them. When little Jean was half way, suddenly she gasped and felt something blowing inside her head. Just like Reb, she started bleeding and fell down. Clutching the grass and coughing, she wriggled for a while, and then lay still.

“Sigh… What a mess”, said Anna.

“Yeah… “, concurred Derek.

“Not bad for the new DNA”, said John, still looking at his pod screen. “Let’s relay the report to the main research HQ and go pick up the carcass”, he told his team. He then took his transponder and said, “Experiment 3k-007 completed. Results are being relayed. Material being gathered. Shut down Droids O72-Derek and Q144-Anna. Over.”

“Copy that. Over and out”, cackled a voice over the transponder.

“No more STD they say… No more risks they say and no more sex, they say…”, mumbled John and walked away.

Years later, on a lovely summer evening, Anna said affectionately, “Isn’t it beautiful dear?”, looking through her bedroom window, out onto the wide open fields.

John, sitting at a mile away, looked into his pod and said, “Rebecca’s and Jane’s DNAs’ are stable. They will live longer this time. Relay the status. Let’s come back later.”. He took his team and went on to the next site.


This story was actually a dream that my sister had. Dream as in the dreams that you have in your sleep. She saw it like a movie and surprisingly, remembered enough of it to come and tell me. I’ve made it into a story as best I can. Do leave your comments.


5 thoughts on “Family issues.

  1. Must say….kudos to your sis for havin such an innovative dream….!!
    your way of expressing the story made her dream really gripping!!

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