Multitasking? Bah!

In the course of life, I have seen many people get into situations where they need to pay attention to a million things. In order for their loved ones to have a good life, these people, no matter how many things that they have to take care of at the same time, somehow manages through it by staying sane, and finally when the day is at an end, the feeling of soulfulness that they experience is something that words cannot do justice to.

It might be the case that a person is working in a firm where he is under payed and his boss is making him work extra hours with no additional benefits. He cannot quit the job because he won’t be able to find another one fast enough in order to feed his family. So with this tension and pressure, he somehow manages through, and returns home to his kids, who are happily waiting for their daddy to play with.

Sometimes in the midst of such a life, his wife might be pregnant and is admitted at the hospital expecting delivery soon. He cannot be with her all the time because of his job and his first kid is at school. Now he needs to concentrate on his work where, if his response lacks quality, he will be fired. In the middle of that, he needs to find time to go and visit his wife and attend to emergency calls coming from the hospital now and then. Plus, he has to go and pick his elder child from school and take care of his daily activities of washing clothes and making food for him.

In such a state, a man multitasks. That father, just out of love and the feeling of responsibility, performs all his tasks, one interleaved with the other, and pulls through without causing hazard to any of the things that demands his attention. This is where he multitasks. He cannot tell his boss to get lost for the fear of losing the job. He cannot tell his wife to shut up and let him work for he loves her. He cannot let his elder child be, for he means the world to him.

Finally this man accomplishes it. He is a true hero. This is where we say that a person multitasks.

Nowadays we see many among us, including ourselves too, who proudly say that we are good at multitasking. When asked what we are so skillfully multitasking about, it is amazing to hear the answer.

Chatting with some stranger through the computer while answering the phone from his friend who wants to go out for a movie, at the same time watching a youtube video while having one earphone from his ipod plugged into one of his ears plus studying Math with his other free hand!

Goodness me! We seriously know how to rape multitasking. You are voluntarily killing your skill of being able to concentrate! I’m not saying I am free of all this, but when you see a kid or someone younger than you committing the same action, just tell him! Stop him from doing it for it is NOT something to be proud of. And as for us ourselves, let us not voluntarily do this, shall we?  I know it sounds cool and all but I hope you get the idea.

You need to multitask when the situation calls for it. But you need not rape your brain with it when it is not needed at all.


Hey! What do you think? Share your thoughts. :)

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