The night sky.

When darkness wraps the infant world in its hands, the humans fear of the chaos outside. They fear the dark for it does not let them see, and what the humans don’t see, they fear. Little do they realize the beauty that exists, within the realm of dark. They do not linger to behold the jewel of Earth, that shines with a light so pleasant, that it soothes one’s heart, like the music of a nightingale.

The moon, he shines like a pearl that reflects the golden rays. He shows the ray of hope amidst all the darkness. Not alone, he is! For his companions soon join him and decorate the heavenly skies, the stars! They are far away, away from the corrupt hands of men, blazing with a fire so strong, that we see a twinkle of what they are.

A silence prevails, and men fear that too. For it makes them feel they are alone, alone in a world so big, which makes them realize, how insignificant they are. But are we alone? Not at all! We forget that we too are a part of the universe, as much as everything else is. If not for them, we wouldn’t be here. So why do you feel lonely, when you are standing among the innocent ones that support your existence?

Men, busy they are! Time, they do not have to think of where they live. They are busy slandering against their fellow beings, without realizing that the pearls and jewels of the universe exists for them too.

Oh bearers of brain, make yourself worthy of the gift of thought. And spare sometime to witness the world around. Look at the skies and behold the shining moon, who smiles at you and shines light upon you, when all around is dark. Be the moon, and the stars shall accompany you. Be the moon and help the ones lost in the dark.


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