A cook’s grief.

Trying to wipe tears off her face, Namita realized the hard reality of life… She had felt it for the first time. No matter how hard she tried, the tears wouldn’t stop. She paused for a moment to think where she had gone wrong. Hadn’t she paid proper heed to what her mother said? “Sigh…!!”, she said as she wiped her tears… Her eyes were now searing with pain. But the tears alas, wouldn’t stop! It was as if the dam had  broken, giving way to a turbulent and ever flowing river….

But amidst all this, her eyes were focused on the single thing that had caused her to suffer. The thing which, lay there as lifeless and motionless, and the only thought that remained in her mind was..

“Why the hell do they put onions in every dish!?”


Sent to me by my friend Namita, while she was making her “Bengan ka bhartha”!


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