The arrogant humans.

Arrogance, is not a good quality. Unfortunately, when you go deep enough, all humans are, to an extent, arrogant. The arrogance breeding from the belief that they have the capability to understand everything.

I do not state facts here but merely put forth reasons that more or less, vaguely, points out that we don’t have the capability for eternal understanding. As such, this post is assumed to be controversial. You may voice your opinion without being offended.

We believe that there is nothing beyond certain fundamental beliefs that we hold dear. One such belief is the concept of creation. Many of us believe that for something to be in existence, it has to come from something else. Like the concept of “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another”. Sometimes we take that concept, and go with it to the extreme end. To the supreme power of creation and question that power’s existence. The arrogance of thinking that you have the capability to figure everything out, is what comes into play there.

I mean, the words, languages and thoughts we have are incomplete. It is not so hard to understand that. I don’t know if the following analogy will clarify my point, but let’s see. Consider that we are making robots. The ideas and knowledge that we feed them defines their understanding. They can reach at logical conclusions based on their observations. However, whatever they have, they are never going to understand what ‘intuition’ is. As much as you improve your robot into being a human, you never are going to get a perfect human robot.

I’m not comparing God and humans on the basis of being a creator. What I’m implying is that what we humans know,  are things that are fathomable to us. That does not mean there is nothing else that we cannot understand. After some point, faith comes into play. That is what the essence of this post is. At some point or the other, you’ve got to have a blind belief because the things we perceive are within a framework that we have. A framework containing physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, astronomy, etc. Is it so hard for you to make yourself believe that there are things other than all these? All we know regarding those things are that we can refer to them by the word ‘other’. We cannot even start to imagine in what form or nature the ‘others’ are.

I’m one who believes that there are no “one solution fits all” method for anything in the world. Some people say that they always have to be happy, some say they always have to be optimistic, some say you should never ever give up. I’m not saying these are wrong. What I’m saying is that there are specific areas that these are applicable to. As such, when one point is reached, I’m ready to give myself up and submit to faith.

If you were able to get my drift, then do leave your thoughts.


8 thoughts on “The arrogant humans.

    • Ah, the question I was trying hard not to touch upon while writing this post. I believe your question is the same as asking which religion should one believe in. The answer to that will be much better discussed in person rather than through comments in a blog.

      Trust me, I’m not trying to lurk away from answering that. I have had this discussion with my friends. So, until next time we meet.

  1. ok leave that for our next meet up 🙂 But don’t you think blind belief is dangerous? I wouldn’t mind if it applies to how the world is created or how it is going to end. But when it comes to every day life, is it better than thinking?

    • If you are deciding to follow a religion, then blind faith is a necessity. It does not matter whether it affects our day to day life or whether it affects the creation of the universe. Otherwise you need not decide to follow a religion.

      The option of “taking what is good” from everything is something that I do not agree with. Because we need not necessarily know what is right and wrong. As I said, it is almost impossible for us to fathom all the reasons behind a certain law of religion in order to deem whether it is right or wrong.

      If you are someone who trusts the “I __feel__ that it is right” or “I do what I __feel__ is right” hunch/intuition, then none of these might make sense.

      • It can still be okay if it stays at the individual level, what I’m concerned about is forcing other people to follow your beliefs.

        If we know we are wrong, there is always an option for us to change, but there is no such option in a religion, whether you think it is right or wrong, you have to follow.

        And many beliefs are tailored by people who had power to ensure they continue their previleges. So that itself is enough for us to question them.

      • Forcing beliefs is stupid. If you can inspire others by living according to your beliefs, that is cool.

        We “knowing” us being wrong might not always be right. That is why it is said you need to have blind faith if you decide to follow your religion.

        I did not quite get what you said at the end. “Power to ensure they continue their privileges”? Do you mean that certain people ‘invented’ religion so that those who follow it would be in that person’s command?

        If that is what you meant, then what we should do is to learn about and understand those people’s life. Whether they were taking advantage or whether they were genuinely helping others.

      • The problem with that is, most people would fight and die for one’s religion and very few would want to live.

        Religions were always used as a way to legitimize power. Think how caste system in India worked or how church was legitimizing power in Europe. Both in India and Europe (examples I know of) religion and power were in symbiotic relationship. People had to fight and defeat ‘religions’ to end those injustices then.

        Do you think kingdoms are the way to govern people now? Did any religion talk about democracy?

      • I agree there completely. There are very few who live Religion. Most of them would rather die for it. However, the point is, whatever the case may be, those very few who live for it are there.

        I would say that religions were a symbol of identity rather than of power. I guess with the increase in number of people who were “willing to die”, they mistook power for identity. Since identity comes when one lives, but power can come through fighting too.

        I don’t know whether “democracy”, as such, has done such a great job in governance when you look at the current scenario. I would also not blindly say that kingdoms are the way to go, but I would not reject the idea altogether either.

        Even though I’m not convinced that democracy IS the correct way of doing things, there are religions that talk about democracy.

        However, let us not get to the point where we point fingers.

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