The farewell speech.

I thought I would not get a farewell to give my “all-too-prepared” farewell speech. But I did get a farewell. As for my farewell speech, I guess everyone was in a merry mood and did not hear anything that I said which all ended up in me performing my awesome moonwalk in front of my class as well as my juniors!

So I’m writing this post in the hope that some of my juniors will read it and take it to heart. The following is the speech that I wished to give.


I remember the time when ICC (Islamic Cultural Center) was in existence in our college. I was doing my second year back then and we were giving the final years a farewell party. There was a person named Niyaska in that batch from mechanical. He was one person that I respected and loved in college. A person with a soothing personality, one who had above 70% aggregate for his B. Tech, Kung-fu black belt, college football team player, a person who was there for almost everything good around us.

The words that he said that day comes to mind. He said, “Motivation is an important factor that can change your life and can help you discover skills within yourself that you would never have dreamed that you had. But you won’t find that factor in this college. Therefore, in order to understand and realize yourself, you have to be self-motivated.”

I had listened to that and forgotten it. Now it comes back to me. So what I have to tell you guys is to realize the importance of giving motivation as well as being motivated. As once I had written in my blog, if you are a human, you have the power to give motivation. So help your friends and do them a favor. If they are trying out something, motivate them and help them to realize the skills that they have. That’s what friends are for.

Now that was just the icing of the cake. Let me get to what I’ve been preparing for the last six months.

What all kinds of advice can a person give? I’d say three. One, to preach about something that he practices. Two, to advice others on the mistakes that one had made so that the people hearing won’t make them. Three, the advice that all of us are familiar with. Free advice, which basically means to blabber on about something that guys has no clue about.

Of the above three, which would you say was the most effective one? In my opinion, I would say it was the first one. I say so because the person giving that advice had undergone the hardships and the tests in order to do what he was talking about. He could be a guide to what he was advising others to do. Most important of all, he would have felt what it was like to do that.

As for the second one, it would be effective but much lesser than the first one. That is because the people who are hearing the advice can ask us, “You had all the fun, so why can’t we?”. You cannot tell them how it is possible to not make that mistake.

The third one, well, need I say more about the third one? Anyone, anywhere and at anytime can give it. I don’t know if it will have any effect at all.

Now since we have, more or less, agreed to the fact that the first kind of advice would be having the best effect, that wold be the one I’m giving. Neither the second nor the third.

I have three advice to give you.

One, find something that you are passionate about and follow it. Most of the people nowadays have no passion. They do not have something that they do just for the sake of doing it. You can ask yourself the question whether you have something that you are doing no matter what others say. Something creative.

The reason why most people don’t have a passion is because they do not give their minds the time to find it. You know why? Because you want to be entertained all the time. It is either music, or movies, or gossips, or chit chat or mobile phones. You do not give your mind the time to find something. So “sit bored”. Boredom is one of the ways to let your mind show you what creativeness you have within you.

Of course, boredom is not guaranteed to bring out the creativeness in you, but it helps. It will definitely make you try out something you have never tried in your life and that just might be the thing you are good at. That being said, most of the times, it happens at a certain blessed moment. This is my first advice.

Now, as for my second advice, I won’t say it. If you really really want to know it, you can come and ask me personally. Isn’t that right Manu?

Now the third one. Help and support your friends. This point stems from the fact that not all of you will be interested in the technical aspects of Computer Science. Most of you would just want academics to go by while you are interested in sports, politics or whatever you are interested in. I do not blame you for that is your choice.

But there will be your friends who are, at least a little, interested in learning new technologies as well as programming. Just make sure that you do not discourage them. Do not make fun of them. Instead, support them. So even if you are not interested, do not be a hindrance to others. That applies to Abacus as well. Even if you are not interested in its activities, do not discourage your friends who spend time to keep it alive. Support them.

If you remember a year earlier, you’ll know that most of us made fun of Shalin Jain saying that he was boasting. But now I realize he was giving us the best advice that he could, telling us about something that he did and was doing. He was a role model and he was definitely the person who made a major milestone in my life.

This is what I wanted to tell you. I hope you’ve been able to grasp it. If not, this is not the end, feel free to mail or call me if ever you find that you’ve stumbled upon your passion. I’ll help you work it out.

So enjoy your college life. I sincerely say that no one could have asked for a better bunch of juniors. All of you have given me the strength and courage to face life’s challenges. Many of you, I know personally. Anand, Ashiq, Aravind, Vasudev, Nithin, Ranjith, Ajay, Manosh, Harikrishnan, Jijo, Jibin, Sruthi, Aparna, Aaliya, Sreelekshmi, Hari, Sree Hari, Anjana, Suhaira, Ajumal, Charu, Aksin, Arun, Shyam, Divya… I’m not going to forget any of these guys in a hurry. So keep rocking and all the best!


I guess that sums up my farewell speech. I had timed it for ten minutes. However I’ve made it a bit elaborate in my writing. As always, take what you feel is good. But don’t dump the rest. If you think some of what I said was not right, then try to understand why I said it and try to see it from that perspective.

Cheers guys!


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