The juniors did it. In spite of the pessimistic HOD as well as the ever in-favorable circumstances of our department, our juniors managed to give us a farewell. I’m not going to make this post long by going into all the tiny weeny details, but I’m just going to say that one couldn’t ask for a more wonderful bunch of juniors.

People coming together is always nice and I hope this goes on.  Anand, Vasudev, Jijo, Ashik, Ranjith, Nithin, to mention few of the names. Many more are there who have given me the strength and support to enjoy as well as learn a lot during my last year at college.

By the way, today I got my first ever trophy in my entire life and it was written on it, “Haris Ibrahim K. V. – A constant support and a helpful guide”.

All is well that ends well. 🙂


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