Pining to write.

Life has been quite dull as well as busy lately. I never had the peace of mind to sit and write about the numerous thoughts and ideas that were popping up in my head. Trying to keep them aside and concentrating on the day’s works has really been tiring for the brain. I feel as if my brain is not good for anything any more. Hey, that happens when you continuously use your brain without rest for nothing but bull shitting.

I’ve had to write a few exams lately which were completely dumb and I had to fill up my answer sheets with something. That being one, the other was to prepare my final project report. If you read my post here, you’ll know what repeated. Suffice to say we’ve got it all over with today.

Since there are a lot of thoughts in my head to put down, I thought of keeping them organised and what better way to do that except writing about what is to be written?

So here goes. You can expect the following posts from me pretty soon.

1. Can I be optimistic about pessimism?

This thought originated when our Head of the Department, an old lady, said that she won’t encourage any further activities of Abacus. It seems she thinks that we are upto something mischievous. When you see something that you worked your heart for being killed just because of the absurd imaginations a person, it hurts.

2. Home schooling V/S schooling.

This interesting debate happened while our project team was waiting for the teachers to show our demo. It lasted for about two hours and was really patience-testing as well as interesting.

3. I’m not a FOSS fan boy.

Quite an interesting discussion happened on our abacus mailing list. You can read it here. After all was said and done, I received a message from one of the guys in the discussion. It read as, “FOSS fanboys will never understand that, because they need to believe that they’re freedom fighters in a revolutionary war, like characters in their favourite animes”. Upon hearing that, I lost trust in myself a bit.

4. Against E-learning.

Many people around the world are e-educated nowadays. As in, whenever you ask a doubt to a certain person, he mostly will tell you to figure it out on your own. I guess it has its advantages but won’t it breed arrogance as a by product?

5. Its all about attention… and addiction!

I’ve been thinking about it and everything that we do boils down to two things. Either attention or addiction.

6. The farewell speech.

For the past six months, I’ve been thinking about what to speak if ever I was asked to say something in front of the whole CS batch during a farewell party. I don’t think that our farewell is going to happen because of our HOD, but I’d like to put down the speech that I had prepared.

7. Hard disk partitioning.

I’ve been playing around with hard disk partitioning using gparted for a while and many people are scared to give it a try. Hence I plan to write a small tutorial on how to use gparted to partition your hard disks.

That’s about it folks. Expect all these posts soon. Tomorrow I turn 23, leaving college, having learnt a lot.


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