And Monsoon is here…

“Hey Joe, check this out. Its raining.”

“Oh crap! Dude Andy, I told you we should’ve gone back earlier, didn’t I? Now what are we going to do?”

“What can we do? We have to make it through to the Queen and let her know this”

“What the…!? You mean to go through….”

Before he finished Andy was already on his way. Joe rushed after him.

“Do you know the way dude?”, asked Joe.

“Man you’re sooo looney. Don’t you even know how we find our way? Follow me.”

“What!? Its a pool ahead! Can’t you see high grounds just to your left? Let’s go that way.”

“Joe”, said Andy sternly, “I’m going to follow the pheromones no matter what. If you can go the other way, then be my guest”.

Andy made his way through splashing and making a ruckuss.

“Sigh…”, said Joe. “I guess he is right. I really have to work on this pheromone addiction of mine”. He followed Andy.


Today we had the first “official” rain of Monsoon at about 5 in the evening. Very punctually, the power went off. I took my text book and went outside to the Veranda. Mom and dad were already sitting there and I accompanied them.

As you might have already guessed, I did not even look into the text. It was when sitting enjoying the rain that I saw those two ants. No matter there being a raised ground without water near them, they simply would follow one course. They did not mind even they had to swim to keep their course. Just for the sake of it, both of them made it successfully to the other side of the house and into our car porch.

It was wonderful to see how much water appeared all around just from a few minutes of Rain. The smell of wet soil was so invigorating.

I guess people were not expecting the rain. There were these motorbikes parked at the smallest of shelters that they could find, trucks and pickups covering their load, cars with vipers on, people with Umbrellas…

The trees seem to shine. There was the slight glow from the evening sun that shone on the wet leaves. You could feel the happiness from all around.

One thing that I did not want to remember was getting up early on days like these and getting ready for school. Oh how I hated those days. But they are long gone. Never to come back again.

Oh dear Rain, pour and bless us with your gift, the elixir of life.


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