Naruto IS genjutsu!

For those among you who are already into cartoons, you must have come across this name from some place or the other as Naruto, the anime Cartoon, is the rage nowadays.

It would not be possible to describe what this cartoon is about in a few words. Those who have seen it can vouch for me regarding that. However, keeping a long story short, its about a kid who never gives up on trying to get better, his friends and the world that he lives in.

According to the Cartoon, there are basically three types of skills for a Ninja (There might be more, but I was able to gather only three).

1. Taijitsu : This refers to one’s physical skill in battle. The martial arts he has learnt and the will with which he uses it.

2. Ninjitsu : This can be thought of as special powers that the Ninjas have. They have this inner power called Chakra. Once you learn to master the inner power, you can control and mould it to be used as powerful techniques. You can spit fireballs, make lightning, etc. You get the idea right?

3. Genjutsu : This is the ability to manipulate once reality. If you have this skill, you can project an illusion at your opponent and he can be trapped in it for a time depending upon the skill you have in using it. Even though it can be done using music, sight, etc, doing it via sight is the most effective one. Especially if you possess the Sharingan eyes!

Well, what I’m saying is Naruto IS Genjutsu and I’m trapped in it!

One year back while I was studying my fifth semester, I shared my hostel room with Varun, Shabeeb and Koushik. After class in the evenings and the nights, Varun would turn on his laptop and sit watching Naruto while I wasted my time with my cell phone and laptop. Back then I wondered what the hell was wrong with this guy to keep on watching that stupid cartoon day and night. Upon his request, I had watched a single episode which was the fight between Neiji and Naruto. However, today I wish I had watched that cartoon with him. I would’ve really enjoyed it.

So from then on days went by without me watching it at all. Even at home my sister would watch it from youtube and would invite me to watch it along with her. But I simply wouldn’t watch it. Things went by like this until a month ago when one day while I was having my evening snacks, my sister was watching an episode of naruto. I simply went and gave her company.

Little did I realize it was the episode between Sasuke, the wielder of the Sharingan, and Daedara! I watched the episode and in between them I looked into the Sharingan of Sasuke! I never in my dreams imagined that I would be trapped in his genjutsu! Alas, I was and now even when I realise that I’m under his Genjutsu, I cant stop watching Naruto. Episode after episode I watched and exhausted all the episodes that I had on my hard drive.

I’m still itching for more but it seems that the further episodes have not been made yet. I’ll only be able to come out from this genjutsu once the person who cast it upon me dies. That means Sasuke must die. Like everyone else in the hidden leaf village, I too am counting on Naruto to save me.


Hey! What do you think? Share your thoughts. :)

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