Sound relations.

Humans are creatures with emotions. Be it anger, love, hatred, passion, greed, sympathy, we all have them. Most of the times we are well aware of what triggers these emotions within us too.

Well, lately, I happened to have an interesting observation while talking with my Mom. In between our conversation, suddenly I happened to lose sense of the words that we both spoke. I could only concentrate on the sound. She was using her mouth and I was using mine to produce sounds. Sounds in certain specific patterns so that they were able to trigger emotions within us.

Once my mind converged on this thought, talking became weird because I was not talking any more. I was simply making sounds that had some magical effect because of the tone and pattern in which I made them. The magical effect being that she was able to make sounds in such a way that those were responses to the ones that I was making. The ultimate result being we were able to share what was in our minds by making sounds.

I spent sometime thinking this matter through and it felt surprising to see how the relations that we develop with certain people was based on the sounds we made from our mouths.

Talking is not like seeing or hearing because for a person speaking English and a person speaking Japanese, seeing and hearing are the same for them. But when talking, there are producing sounds The only difference being that they were producing them in their own patterns and tones.

I was wondering how relations among us get so strong based on these sounds that we make. When our friend is in some deep grief, the tone in which we produce sounds make a great difference in his mind and heart. If we were to make sounds in a jolly and rather loud way, he would not understand that we were sharing his sadness nor would he understand that we were being sympathetic and were trying to console him. But if we make those exact sounds in a deep and gentle manner, his mind would be much soothed.

I don’t know why, but there appears to be a spot of fakeness in this. But my thoughts regarding the matter has not gone any further than this.


Hey! What do you think? Share your thoughts. :)

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