Not trying, is failure.

That day when you were trekking through the valleys, there was a landslide and the cave’s mouth in which you sought shelter was blocked by a huge boulder without even letting through the slightest of sun rays… Life was at an end even though you were still breathing. Your hands automatically goes to feel your belt buckle. Instead of just sitting down there to die, you slowly start chipping at the boulder. What at first seemed to show no sign hope, suddenly starts to crumble under the knock of your buckle. It was neither your strength nor your technique. But God saw that you did not give up… He saw that you tried and he rewarded…

When you grow and get to know things from here and there, you start seeing bigger and bigger things ahead. Of course, what I’m about to write in this post won’t have the survival instinct to help you as in the boulder’s case, but still, my idea is to convey the fact that no matter how big a thing that you see in front of you, failure is the decision not to take a shot at it instead of taking a shot at it and not succeeding. Though I would highly recommend against taking a “shot” at a “big guy”. Let’s not misunderstand or misinterpret what I’m saying here.

Personally, what made me to start writing this post was the critiques that I received for writing my blog. As always, keeping the good comments aside, people have told me about certain posts of mine to be boring and to not even try writing like that. However, I was passionately trying to bring out something new. I was neither an expert nor a journeyman when it comes to writing. But that does not mean I can’t be one. And that definitely does not mean I should stop trying to be one. So I decided no matter what, I’m going to keep trying and someday, after long years to come, I’m sure all this will pay off.

In a different context, you have to try to impart whatever you know to others. Whatever little it maybe. If you genuinely feel that the knowledge you have has been helpful to you and will be helpful to others even without them knowing it at the moment, then unless you try to let them have it, you have failed. Of course, all the time when you try to do something of the sort, the comment that you get is “over aakalle!” (which basically means “don’t show off”). That is the part where you have two choices. One, don’t do it. That way your friends won’t make fun of you, no one will blame you and everything is in its normal way. Two, ignore the comment and do it. Help the ones you wish to. Those who comment are just jealous of the fact that they have neither the knowledge nor the passion to help others. However, mind you, sometimes this “helping others” can end up in you making a complete fool of yourself and at that time, those who commented will be at their peaks telling you, “Dude, didn’t I tell you earlier not to do it?” and they will be all wise advices and stuff. T-O-T-A-L C-R-A-P. Even though you will feel bad hearing that, what you should know is that you tried, they didn’t. That makes you a winner and them, a bunch of blabbering losers.

I do agree that exposing yourself in front of others really takes guts and anything and everything around us only makes us feel not to do it. About 95% we will feel to simply be in our comfort zone minding our own business. But trust me, it is the other 5% that counts. Even if you can’t directly help others, give them the chance to be helped by the ones who can help them. I believe in that and no matter what, I’ll hold true to it  no matter how successful or not I am.

So whatever huge things that you see in front of you, be it life’s challenges, subjects to study, open source projects to contribute to, GSoC, gaining knowledge, chip at it slowly with your belt buckle. God will help you.


2 thoughts on “Not trying, is failure.

  1. One of the most inspiring posts I’ve ever read. Like you said, we should ignore the people who pull us back. Also we should try hard to do things, success or failure is secondary.

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