The magic of writing.

One of my earlier posts tried to convey the meaning and fun of reading. I think its time I put in a few words about writing itself.

First of all, I cannot comment on whether there is an exact difference between writing and typing. Where writing can imply both the creative content that your produce as well as your hand writing, typing only means the creative content that your produce (and maybe your typing speed too!). However, for the sake of reading, I’m just going to use the word ‘writing’ in this post.

When writing something, you realize with much more understanding and easiness the emotions within you. The dreams that you have, the ambitions that you have and all sorts of emotions lying down there deep within your inner conscience comes out. It need not go into your writing but it sure brings out a lot of stuff for you to think about in broad daylight.

However, writing need not mean specifically to keep a blog, nor to write novels, nor to write short stories. In my opinion, the best of writing that one can do is to keep a personal diary. You might think what is there to keeping a diary. Well, let me tell you what.

It is a matter of personal discipline. I know a lot of my friends who buy these golden covered books and all telling me they are going to keep a diary. They write in it one day, maybe two days, maybe a week or maybe even one month and that’s it. The rest of the pages will be eventually used up for writing rough calculations and stuff while studying. It is one of the hardest tasks to be maintaining a personal diary. Specially because of the one reason that no one is going to read nor comment it for you. To do something entirely out of self-discipline and without attention of any others is a real honor to one’s personality. I respect all those who keep a diary.

Another fun in writing is that there is no one stopping you from conjuring up your own world (sorts of gives you God like power which everyone usually craves for). You want a hero with Superman’s dress and Batman’s mind? Write away! Superbatsyman and give him all the powers that you like. Do you want a story where the girl actually understands the guy and they live happily ever after? Write away! You have infinite control over the worlds and people that you create and its definitely fun.

But all in all, it always feels good when people read what you write and lets you know that. Even if you are not an expert, you need to have support while doing it. So whenever you find someone who is trying, do cut him some slack and let him try. Never ever discourage it.

One of the amazing places that I found for having people like you read what you write is In there you get helped as much as you help people and its all about reading and writing and helping. Here is a thousand thanks to Andrew Burt for keeping the site up and running!


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