Things I would have done different if I was in first year of college again.

I think this is something that we should all do so that young ones with similar tastes as us can know when they are making a mistake. Let us just say this post might be the answer to the question, “Do you have any regrets now that you are finishing your college life?”. Then again, never let it be said that I don’t have anything to be thankful for in my entire college life. This post resembles the procedure where people use a software and report bugs. No one files a bug report saying, “Good job!”. People complain only on things that they are not satisfied with and that exactly could be what this post means. So here goes. The following might not have any specific order.

1. Not sit in the first bench.

2. Take at least five push ups every morning.

3. Never do a message offer in my mobile phone.

4. Never take an unlimited broadband connection at home.

5. Make sure I took seriously.

6. Make sure I got on stage for some program.

7. Make sure I did not compromise my beliefs.

8. Make sure I finish reading at least one novel every three months.

9. Strictly tell people to get lost when I get engaged in chit-chats.

10. Should’ve taken a good programmer’s advice seriously. My brother’s.

11. Study just one and only one subject seriously every semester.

12. Sleep early everyday unless something really important was at stake.

13. Go out for as many technical events as possible and find friends who are interested to go with me.

14. Try for paper presentations. (This is one great asset that a person can gain while being at college and I really regret not even doing one.)

15. Learn one chapter of Kernighan and Ritchie, the C programming language, every month.

16. Sit and try to solve the questions at the back with one who loves to try learning programming.

17. Get more attached to people who loved coding.

18. Never to listen to music while doing some other activity.

19. Putting academics apart, concentrate one thing at a time and never to postpone anything.

20. Think and talk to seniors about something like ABACUS. (I really wish I had the opportunities that the junior are getting now).

21. Make sure I knew two programming languages very well. (Right now thinking about it, it could be C and Python).

22. Ask and learn people who know about how computers work. (The things that happen from the moment you press the power button till the welcome screen loads, one at a time).

23. Realize that I had lots of time and take things slow and serious instead of trying to do things the quicker way.

24. Meditate and learn to think about one thing at a time.

Hmmm… I might come back to update this… But that’s it for now!


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