“It is hard to get you excited”

This post comes from the words of a person who has been a great inspiration for me. I think everyone reading this post will be familiar with the name of Pramode sir. An awesome teacher as well an awesome programmer, it really fills you with a certain energy each time you talk with him. And sadly, I believe that lack of interaction with people such as him is what the students are suffering nowadays.

One Saturday, a bunch of us students from NSS including me were attending his workshop on Python and embedded systems. You can find the details here. During the class, he in his friendly manner was chatting with us in the midst of which he made a statement that frightened me quite a bit. And that statement is the title of this post.

He reached the point of making this statement when he saw that after running a code that made an LED blink on the expeyes embedded device, we were all sitting as if nothing great had happened. And when he made the statement, it suddenly struck me that the curiousness of wanting to know things and the excitement of seeing something was really low for the students these days.

And the problem is that all of us are already tapped out of excitement! Just think of it. From our childhood days onwards (nowadays starting from when one is 3 years old), we’ve been continuously exposed to all sorts of excitement. And that has not been in learning but in watching TV, movies, mobile phones, songs, games, etc. A blinking light on a stupid board is nothing compared to what Neo does in Matrix as far as we’re concerned!

As for putting the blame on our parents for this, well, I won’t say it out loud for I can find a million other things that I have to be thankful for regarding my parents. One being them not having that attitude of “Harrrrrrrrrisss! You scored less markksss! WHAT HAPPENED!?”.

But now we have an option to make a change. The kids we see around us, our niece, nephews, neighbour’s kids, whoever it be, if you wish to make things right for them, then you really can prevent them from being exposed to a lot of trash instead of sitting there and saying, “Dude, the world is bad. Even if I prevent him, he will be exposed to everything from other people. So why bother? Its not practical…”. And you can make up a million excuses for ruining that kid’s life. But yeah.. Why should it concern you huh? Its not like you have assumed the responsibility of the world or anything.

So hear me those who wish to be responsible for living in this world, do not think of what others would do. Make sure you do your part right. That is, help the young ones to keep away from the TV, all the music. Talk with them, listen to all the childish things that they might have to say, make sure you control your tongue in front of them, make sure you don’t encourage and laugh when they say vulgar jokes..

I mean it really is fun to hear them say things that an adult would say, jokes that an adult would say. But the question is, is the ruining of their innocence and curious mind worth the amusement? Think about it. Start with your self.

Here is an inspiring song that I’ve heard to this effect. Its called “Man in the mirror” by Michael Jackson.


Hey! What do you think? Share your thoughts. :)

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