Paruvingal, Mohammed Abdul Hafiz.

Now here is a synonym for “multi talent”.

This dude, I’m both proud and jealous to say, is my cousin. Naturally, the first question is going to be, “Why be jealous of someone? You have our own skills right?”. Well, let me know if you feel like asking that question once we are through with this post.

I’ve been writing this blog for almost a year now. I’ve been claiming that I love to write and I’m writing for the sake of writing. I’ve had my fair deal of wild imaginations and stories which are already here. But whatever commitment I show now to writing, this dude had already known and proven it long ago.

Yes, you guessed it right. He is an author.

The book is called, “The Island of Adventures”. He wrote and ‘published’ it when he was studying in his 10th grade I believe. The story about how a bunch of friends gets invited to perform their wonderful drama in front of the Queen and how the mysterious  adventure of the hidden treasure begins after they meet the cool Mr. Collins.

He wrote this all down. Cut and compiled it to a printable page form and his dad made him four copies of it. Yes, that’s right. The world contains only four books of his and from my point of view, I must say it the “open sourcest” book I’ve ever seen.

Well, the thing is, while he was on his story, I was on one myself and I still remember we both sitting at the dining table and writing our stories (with humongous support and motivation from my sister, who is another force to be reckoned with). While he finished it and made his book, I still hadn’t completed it and to this day, the 9 chapters that I’ve written are with me waiting to be finished someday.

Well, that’s not all.

This dude, is a pianist! Even if not a professional one, that has never held him back from getting on the stage and performing. I mean, we both used to play the Piano for fun from our homes very often. But then one day, here comes this guy saying that  he has been elected for the western group of his college to play the background music! Oh man! Suffice to say, he has made his mark there too.

And hey, let’s not think that his writing has gone unrecognised. He has been the constant first prize winner in the short story and essay writing competitions from school and from college too. And surprisingly, he has made his mark in Arabic writing too!

Enough of the creative and festive parts. Those are just side dishes. Now here comes the main course!

He is a god damn super awesome football player!

I mean, I’ve seen people say that they are hardcore fans of football clubs and some players and all… But none of them have an ounce of spirit in actually playing the game and feeling the actual spirit of it. And as such, its just another case of “all fart and no shit”.

But this dude.. He is a hardcore player player as well as a hardcore Liverpool fan. You can understand his enthusiasm if you sit and talk with him for a few minutes. Even if you’re a guy who hates football, in that few minutes you’ll be sitting there listening to him in awe. His super humorous way of putting it along with his heroic descriptions really is a wonder to hear.

And football is just one.. He excels in badminton, cricket and caroms! Being one among the college team badminton players and also the inevitable player in our village team, sports is in his blood. Put him in any sport that you want and it will only be a couple of days before he masters it.

As for me personally, I’ve played all these games with him form childhood onwards. Both as his partner and as his rival. And suffice to say it wasn’t anything surprising losing to him in Badminton for 15 – 0, in football for 10 – 0 and in cricket he would score about 200+ runs in 10 overs with me bowling and I would be golden duck. But hey, my spirit was never crushed with those defeats. I would be up and at him the very next day to suffer the humiliation again! No wonder I was a stupid kid.

Now leaving all the creative, festive and sporty parts behind, let’s get down to business.

In school, his percentage hasn’t ever come below 95 (might be a little exaggerated, but you get the idea). And in college, his average is 85%+. You see? This idiot, apart from engaging in all the other aspects that I’ve said above, scores this bloody marks too! Man, my whole family must be thinking I’m a loser. Ha! But they don’t know me.

Quiz competitions, paper presentations… He is there. Is God giving him more than 24 hours a day? God knows!

I mean come on! This post is going on and on with him watching almost all the movies that are box office hits along with a vast collection of music in his mobile phone.

I think one talent that I have not seen in him is singing. He he… I’ve been told he is a bathroom singer, but I gotta investigate further on that end. Lol!

Religiously well learned and practising, he never compromises his beliefs for any of the joy and fun he has no matter what. Seriously, I can’t even imagine how he does it.

This dude has been my childhood friend. Being a “self-proclaimed” master of video games myself, I got lot of memories with this dude on lots of occasions. Thinking about it, almost all my memories has got him in it.

A civil engineer, I’m damn sure this guy is going to be one of the pillars that the world is going to stand on.


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