void Easy();

First of all, this post is not about programming.

For those of you who are not familiar with programming languages, the title of this post may not make much sense. So here are a few words for you.

In programming we use programming languages such as C, C++, Java, etc. We write programs in those languages and run it in order to make something happen. However while writing a program, it is much like an administrative task where there are superior officers and other sub-ordinates to whom they delegate their duty to. Just like that, there is a main part who starts running the running/execution of the program and in between, to do some specific tasks, just like delegating it to a sub-ordinate, there are small pieces of code called ‘functions’. These functions do their duty and tell the result back to the main program so that the main program can continue its execution.

My title is the way (or the syntax of) how we write a function. The name of the function is ‘Easy’ and the return value (what the sub-ordinates response back to their superior is) is ‘void’. Void means that it returns nothing. But hey, as I said, this post is not about programming!

Now coming to the meaning of the post, the things that we are able to do easily in life does not reward us with much. It might depend on the way we measure what we get in return, but let’s see if I can make sense here.

What I have the foremost in mind is relationships. It is something that I started seeing and experiencing after coming to college. That relations are so easy to be made. All it requires is a few messages through mobile phones. I used to believe that relations like that had meaning. But I’ve figured out it is not so. Because it is just soo easy!

You don’t need to take the time to go and see your friend, nor do you need to look into their eyes and speak, nor do you need to find words at the moment… For all they know, you could be watching Charlie Chaplin and laughing your heart out while consoling your friend through messaging for his relative’s death! And that poor friend will think that you are so empathetically sharing his sorrows.

Love, friendship whatever it be, this is the case. There is no truth. Unless and until you have a relation with a person by talking with them face to face and understand their facial expressions and tones of sound while saying certain words, you’re never going to understand what they mean reading their messages.

As an example, if a person says he is going to kill you, unless and until you know the tone in which he says it, you’re never going to know whether he is serious about it or not. (Manu! I hope you don’t mind!). Well, killing may be a bit too far fetched but if you look into the relations that you have that are through phones, I guarantee that you can find such small instances that causes a HUGE misunderstanding.

Until we use messaging and calling just to keep in touch and not to build up a relation, mark my words the return value is going to be really low.

This goes for many things as well like learning too. The trend of ‘edutainment’ these days, which focuses on providing education through entertainment, might seem really awesome and interesting. But what we are forgetting there is that knowledge is not something to buy and keep and say, “Hey look! I’ve got a new toy!”. Knowledge and education is what moulds your brain into shape. It gives you immense confidence, wisdom and most importantly humility.

If you think you can get knowledge easily, all you are going to be is arrogant. The pride that you know something when all that you know are a few words and sentences that has no use in your life or in others. It is hard to attain humility and wisdom and as such, until you work hard for it, no matter how much you show that you are humble, you can never be.

Be ready to work hard for something you really truly want to attain. And instead of just being in the state, “Yay! I have it!”, you’ll be able to feel the difference that it makes.

It is not a joke when they say, “There are no shortcuts to success”.


4 thoughts on “void Easy();

    • Well, well, well… I did not even in my dreams think that Shakespeare would visit my blog. That was one cool sentence Aliya. I really should learn to write like that.

      And I’m honoured that you found my post food for thought.

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