He who wanted future.

He was depressed.

He had no clue how things could go so wrong. It was not the end of the world or anything but still, he had screwed up considerably well. However, the event altogether had not been a flop. But that was not an excuse to cover up his idiocy. It was a blow to his integrity and how much he wished he could change what had happened. More than that, how much he wished he knew what was going to happen so that he could be prepared for it.

With the thoughts of his failure and his tremendous wish of getting to know what was going to happen next, he lied down on his bed brooding over all of these. He had read about Hari Seldon, the great mind in Isaac Asimov’s foundation series who predicted the future of man. Seldon had formulated the Seldon Theory which predicted the fall of the current Galactic empire in a certain year and the rise of a new one thereafter.

It was an amazing story line and he thought about what Seldon had based his calculations on. It was a really interesting observation that Seldon had made about humans. And it was that, as individuals, all of us, including you and I, are unpredictable. No one would be able to predict what an individual would do next except for having a hunch. And if someone could predict it, it would solely depend upon human emotions and would have no mathematical grounds to hold it true.

As such, Seldon did not consider humans as individuals for his theory. But he considered them as a whole bunch, a humongous group as grounds for his theory. Now why did he do that? The answer was simple. As a whole, what the humans would do was exactly or at least to the precison of …

WHAM! Suddenly his thoughts were cut short by a deafening sound and somebody had kicked open his door. He was on red alert.

His heart felt joy and warmth and a feeling that cannot be described with words when he saw his friends standing there and singing,

“Happy birthday to you,

happy birthday to youuuuu,

happy birthday to dear Haseeb,

Happy… Birthday… tooooooo… youuuuuuuuuuuuuu”

In that moment he realized he would never wish again to know the future. Because, what would life be without surprises?

They all had the best time of their lives.


One thought on “He who wanted future.

  1. What would life be without surprises and irritating friends who try to kill you almost always and stays at your house and leeches your net and comment on this blog post right in front of you while you ask me “why don’t you just tell me the comment and get it over with already?” ??

    Yes..what would life be without all this? 🙂

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