It refers to the state a person is in because of being at a place for too long.

Those among you who have seen Shawshank redemption may get the idea in one shot when you think of Brooks. But we are talking about real life here.

I guess being at a college for four years gets you into this state quite a bit. It is so because at college you are with your friends who know who you are and what you are. They almost always would want you to be with them, to help them out, to enjoy with them and stuff. As such, you’re a part of a family who loves and respects you. You’re in a scenario where if you pull the knot, you can see whether an end is getting tightened or loosened. You’re in a controlled atmosphere where you can, to an extent, decide and know the consequences of your action.

But once you get out of your college, a world there is awaiting you where not a single person knows you. You suddenly become unimportant and unnoticed by people. You show what you have and no one realizes what it is. Unless and until you are so strongly mentally prepared to face it and slowly grow up out there, you’re sure going to break. That is what happens when you don’t sow your seeds when you can. Unless you do that, you won’t have anything worth to harvest. So you’ll naturally go to someone else’s field and start pestering him about it.

This is where people get cheated by the term, “enjoying college life”. You must enjoy it, but there is a way to do everything. And the way that you know might not be always right.

Before ending this post, I would like to point out how FaceBook provides this false sense of importance to a person. Prolonged use of fb could get a man cracked when he suddenly realizes people are not “liking his comments” but instead are commenting on him being a loser.

You always do feel extremely good when people notice your comments and reply to it. You feel good when people ‘like’ your comments. You are important in there. But an absolute loser out there where it actually counts. Do you believe any of these ‘like’ers are going to come to help you out in the wild world? Yeah right…

One line that I found very meaningful quite lately, “Am I betraying myself in the name of enjoying the present?”.


14 thoughts on “Institutionalization.

      • Everything is with god 🙂 I liked your opinion about facebook. It’s true and just happens. ‘Like’ & ‘comment’ are what matters there. But facebook has some other advantages – It’s the best place to meet new good people 🙂

      • Well, even in alcohol there is some good! But yeah, unless an addiction, I guess social networking is fine. I just don’t like the idea of spending lots of time there liking and commenting believing that it will strengthen relations. That is just plain crap.

  1. not a single person knew you when you came into this college, remember that.

    And i really can’t understand your views on facebook, they are totally ridiculous.

    • True. And that’s what I meant by saying you could see the consequence of pulling the knot in this controlled atmosphere. You really need to equip yourself well if you are survive out there.

      And facebook, it is not worth debating about. Especially if you’re an addict of it.

  2. addiction is easy to fall into and it does’nt matter whether its a loser or a winner, if one has the self belief to restrain himself then facebook is just another site among the billions.

    I agree with the knot thing 😉

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