You are who you are when you are alone.

Pretty soon I’m going to get sued because almost all of my posts are based on some other person’s advice.

As such, this one was told to me by my sister when I was in first year of college. Lately, Ambu sir (take a look at my last three posts to know who this guy is) also said the same thing. He said, “What you do and what you think when you’re alone defines the person you are”.

I guess that is very true because it is when you realize that no one is watching you that all your mischiefs come out. It may be through your actions or through your thoughts. The way you control the thoughts that come at those moments will determine the person that you are.

When you are alone is the time when the strength of your morals, beliefs and values that you carry within you are questioned.

I found it one of the best ways to evaluate one’s self.


Hey! What do you think? Share your thoughts. :)

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