Shifting gears.

This post is from the teachings of Mr. Ambu sir. (Take a look at my last two posts)

Shifting gears, an action we are all too well familiar with. When there is a hill ahead, we down our gears and when there is a straight road ahead we up our gears right?

These two words was the keyword in his entire talk. Our ability to shift our emotional gears. How we behave in the company of various people. We might be a cool, care free guy rocking his life. That would be fine considering being in college among friends. But when you get into the presence of someone with an authority, like your dad, mom, teachers or even into a company, you have to shift your emotional gears to adapt to it. If you try to ascend a hill in 4th gear, you’re not going to make it.

Most of us say you have to be who you are wherever you go. But that is just the irresponsible way of making an excuse just like the “lashing” and “withdrawal” of Wolverine that I mentioned in my last post. We are all busy believing and taking for granted what others say without even putting an ounce of thought into the matter. But Ambu sir quoted an example for it.

He is a busy marketing person and involves in a lot of business which takes away a lot of his time. He is seriously professional when it comes to dealing with his clients and puts on a lot of authority when it comes to fulfilling his role. But, he is a father too.A father to two sweet girls as of now. One 2 1/2 years old and the other 8 years old.

When he goes to them, he can’t be what he was in his business. All his humongous degrees consisting of all the English alphabets means nothing to those two cute girls. They want him to play, care, be foolish, tell them a lot of stories and such… So he shifts his emotional gears and adapts to his children and family leaving all the professionalism behind.

As such, being who you are wherever you go doesn’t mean the way you posture yourself to others I guess. It means the beliefs and morals that you carry within you. Your belief in religion and God. The virtues you have learned from your masters. I mean, I still haven’t figured out the exact meaning of “Be who you are wherever you go”. It has a fine line that divides the things to which it applies and to the things which it doesn’t.

There are some among us, 20 to 22 years old, who talk like they’ve experienced everything and they’ve figured out all the answers to life’s questions. Some people saying you have to be happy all the time, some people saying you have to be cool all the time. They say you shouldn’t introspect, you shouldn’t sit and think of the things that make you sad. I mean, there is a difference holding like a monkey onto the past, and introspecting and learning from it. But these people just don’t get it. They have to be happy all the time. I guess it categorizes under lashing out  or withdrawal.

There is no one size fits all solution nor a single solution to fit one’s all. I hope you got that sentence. I agree it is framed a bit weird.

As such, learning to effectively shift gears is what I find as the key to a successful life right now. But as Ambu sir always said, we are humans and there is always room for improvement. Are we all done and ready listening to just one advice? Of course not. My mind is open and I continue to seek for answers.


Hey! What do you think? Share your thoughts. :)

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