TCS Placement training – Day 2.

Zippadeedoodaa Zippadeyy yay!

My oh my its a wonderful day!

Ah well. The second day of training. Even before the training on November 1st began, I was planning on attending the sessions of the first day and then skipping the second day entirely. But Ambu sir’s energy and his attitude had got to me. I wanted to be in his presence for more time. So I thought to myself, “What the heck. No one is going to come to me in the future and tell me, ‘Hey! You made a fool of yourself on that training day’. So why not have a go?” and went for the training.

We started off the day with A-Z-Alphabets-included-degree-person Mr. Ambu sir blessing us with his so called “Muul Mantras” (I hope that I got that correct) of life. He was talking about becoming a successful good person and asked us what was the key factor that one would require to be so. Everyone started with humility, responsibility and the usual stuffs. And Ambu sir had this attitude of picking up whatever a student told him and improvising on it. One of the loveliest things in the world.

And while he was improvising on the point of humility, I started thinking vigorously about what that key factor might be and just as if he had read my mind, he said, “You have to be good listeners. Not selective ones. I’m sure you have lots of minimized windows in your brain while one application program is running. And that would decrease the resources available for that running program and also reduce its efficiency.”

I got the point. But how he read my mind, I have no clue.

Then going forward, he talked about the exact things that I had once thought I would speak to a crowd if I had a chance. I was dumbstruck and completely engrossed in his session.

Later on he came to the point of facing various situations in life. Just as he made that statement, I remembered once helping one of my friends with the answer to that. It might the dumbest thing, but my thoughts on it were evolved from one of my favorite characters Wolverine. In one of the stories, it is explained to him by a long dead love of his how he reacted to various situations in life. He had just two basic ways.

Lashing out or withdrawal. He was not ready to get emotionally hurt by facing the situation.

Just as this thought came into my head, Ambu sir came with his version of it.

“You can react, respond or fall back to the situations in life”.

Lashing out = React.

Fall back = Withdrawal.

And the third one, respond, was the advice that I had given my friend. To face it, process it in your brain and the result should be the outcome of that processing you did.

So there again, Ambu sir said what was in my head.

At about noon we had this team work to do. It was really funny. We had to find a few things common to our team, we had to find a few unique things of our team members, we had to find out our personal and our team’s strength and weaknesses and plus, we had to name the team and give it a punch line.

My team was Deepak (EEE), Viji(EEE), Raseena(CIVIL), Ramesh(MECH), Hrishiknath, Aparna(EEE), Aswathy(IC) and myself.

Viji came up with the name Technosapiens and we were like “WOW!”. But I dunno, I still have this feeling that I’ve heard that somewhere before. Anyway, we made up a clumsy chart with clouds and leaves and sun and finally I came up with the punch line, “Processing the evolution”.

Our presentation was not that well organized, but it was short and to the point. Whatever goofing up we all did, Viji covered it all up with her brilliant conclusion and we got off the stage a happy team.

Time went by with Ambu sir’s talk and finally it was time for the mock interviews. 10 of us were selected for attending the mock interview and 6 of us were selected to sit in the panel and do the interview.

The interview was over and it was fun Karthik suddenly going out of the room in those mushy casual clothes of his and within ten minutes coming back with neat tucked in shirts and all! We learned quite somewhat about how the interview would be.

The training was over and all the groups were summoned back to the auditorium for one final showdown. There there was a quiz of 20 questions and whoever answered was awarded a tcs hat! It didn’t surprise me that I did not know the answer of a single question that they asked!

Then there was the final announcement of the best two from each group and guess what? I was one from mine!!

That was a real honor for me considering all those skilled people out there. I’m still thinking as to why and what showed me out from the rest of the 59 people with me. There must’ve been something that clicked in Ambu sir’s eyes about me. Anyhow, here I sit and blog with that Parker pen given to me by TCS in my front.

It was a constructive and successful day in my life. God bless Ambu sir.

Here is to the future!


4 thoughts on “TCS Placement training – Day 2.

  1. Wow… what a great day ^_^! Good for you…
    Good how he put:
    “I’m sure you have lots of minimized windows in your brain while one application program is running. And that would decrease the resources available for that running program and also reduce its efficiency.”
    Never thought of that..
    Would you explain it in simpler terms? 😛
    Why will it reduce its efficiency?

    • It was a really great day! And as for clearing your doubt…

      Suppose you want to run an important application A on your computer. It uses the processor and memory right? When it is the only application that runs on your computer, it can utilize both the processor and memory of your computer to the full extent and run efficiently. The system need only concentrate on that one application.

      But suppose if you have applications B and C already open which are not important at that moment. Then these B and C will use up a part of the processor and memory and the system won’t be able to concentrate on the important application that needs to be completed efficiently first.

      The system is our brain and the application programs are listening Ambu sir’s talk and the other thoughts within our head. So Ambu sir’s talk is application A at the moment and we had to concentrate on that. But random thoughts in our minds (applications B and C) disturbs our concentration of listening to him thereby reducing the effect of his class.

      Hope you got that.

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