TCS Placement training – Day 1.

It being our campus placements two more days ahead, the TCS “officials” have come to spend some professional time with us. ‘Placement training’, we call it. Us students being divided into 5 different groups, I’m in the first one called ‘Aakash’ meaning ‘Sky’. 59 of us and the day started.

It went on with Mr. Ambu, Phd ABCD MDD FAGP JINFI, etc (He’s got a hell lot of degrees and I only remember the alphabets and not their order!) giving us a talk on the philosophies of life and stuff. He was so full of exploding energy that even those among us who found ‘philosophical talks’ boring, did not feel bored. He went on and on and came to the point of making the remark which is the reason why I’m writing this post.

He came to the distinction between winners and losers and asked us if we could point out what the difference was. The usual answers, “Winners never quit, quitters never win”, “Winners take responsibility for their actions”, etc came from us but none of them was the point he was looking for.

Finally he said what it was. His remark was, “Winners do what they don’t like to do”. And with that our first session was over.

We all went to have lunch and me on my way back to my hostel, felt really weird about his remark. I mean, it has been only 8 months (Wow! 8 months!!) since I started this blog and I had a very good reason for starting it too.

The reason was that for the inauguration of ABACUS, our CS Association, a very renowned entrepreneur had come to give us a talk. His name is Mr. Shalin Jain. He had started his own company at the age of 18 and it is now one of the most successful ones in India. Tenmiles corporation.

As of now, I consider him a winner.

His most important message in the talk was to follow what we loved. And that one sentence he said is the reason why I started my blog. I loved to write. And that belief was contradicted by Mr. Ambu’s remark.

Also Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, said “I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did”. So was Steve Jobs not a winner?

There was something wrong with the perspective. And with all this in mind, I came back for the second session which had three more minutes to get started. Mr. Ambu told us we could ask him anything we wanted. Me being never good at restraining myself when I’m brimming with something within me, jumped up and put forth the question to his cute face.

“Sir, do you consider yourself a winner?”

“Well… I’m trying to be one as in life one has to always look forward and for success”

“Alright.. But I haven’t quite made my point yet. Do you consider Steve Jobs a winner?”

“Get to your point please…”

“Okay sir… The thing is, when you said that winners did things that they didn’t like to do, one of the beliefs that I held dearly to was poked. The reason is that I consider Steve Jobs a winner and what he said is that what kept him going was that he loved what he did… So how does that go with the remark you made?”

I thought I had got him for good. I had cornered him and he would helplessly admit his defeat. But he had a lawyer degree plus he was a part of the TCS HR team and now I know even God would have a hard time winning a debate against them!

“You see”, he said, “You took what I said in the wrong perspective. I was speaking from the students perspective where if you guys are working in some company, an elderly manager might come and tell you to do something that you don’t like. So in order to step up in life, you might have to agree to the request as a mental investment for the future and do that thing you don’t like to do. But all in all, you have to be passionate about what you’re doing too. Otherwise whatever you did won’t have a soul. But just that in this case the passion will be the mental investment you made in order to rise in ranks. Do you get my point?”

“Well”, said I, “absolutely sir”.

And the second session of the training programme started which went uneventfully with each of us going onto the front of the stage and talking about the topics that were thrown to us.

Looking forward to the second day!


3 thoughts on “TCS Placement training – Day 1.

  1. “Winners do what they don’t like to do” -Mr Ambu-
    Like that? 😀
    I think I missed this post, sorry. Glad I realized and came back to read it :).

  2. Even in doing what we passionately love, we also have to accept the things in it we don’t like. And it doesn’t mean it is bad for us. Instead it will increase our mentality and an increase in mentality will bring us to an increase of more opportunities, etc. 😀

  3. Its ridiculous. After being cornered by an intelligent cross-answer, he simply modified his statement. Shows how trustworthy this person would be in corporate. Do you want to work with such manager who makes a statement and when you go back with results or issues then he simply says that YOU understood in wrong perspective and it is your mistake.

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