Campus life.

He came to his first day at college finally. A long time had he waited for this day. Nervous, a bit too tensed and above all, with many a memory he craved to re–live again, he took his books in his hand, let go of a deep sigh and lugged his somewhat unwilling legs out of his room slowly. With each step he took, his heart grew only heavier. He was finally back where he wanted to be, but was this how he wanted to be back? Will any of those old moments come running back to him? He had no clue.

“Well”, he thought, “things can’t be all that worse”

As in a dream where we live for almost double the time than in the real world, his ten minute walk to the class seemed to him a lifetime.

The trickle of water from the ruined tap in the courtyard out front seemed to him now like an ever flowing stream that took with it all the joy, sadness and the whole life of a kid with it from the moment he set his foot in that place.

As for him, his yacht had sailed down it already and went into the depths. He smiled at the thought of once pushing his birthday buddy into it and camouflaging him. But fortunately for the birthday boy, their Principal came to see them loitering around during class time and they got busted while he lied still in his camouflage.

He was nowhere near reaching his class while finishing these thoughts. Just two or three steps had he taken.

The steps seemed much more heavier for him to take now. Unexpectedly, he saw his two worst enemies coming right at him. But the usual shudder did not come back up his spine. Instead, he saw himself going out to meet them.

His thoughts were cut short by a call. “Hey newbie, having trouble finding your first class?”

It was one of the teachers who had helped him through his admission. They had grown to be quite close friends in a short while. “I’ll manage on my own”, he said with a smile.

Things seemed weird around him and his mind almost grew blank. Thoughts of his own seemed too much of a luxury now. He remembered the silent lad he was. And how the teachers used to tease him just for the sake of it.

He had never even once complained about it. But the scars that he accepted were never to be healed.

How he once was made to sit in front of the class mimicking sitting in the toilet. How that day all of his so called “friends” laughed and how none of them stood up for him.

He was an entertainment tool.

How he was caught and made to strip by a bunch of his drunken seniors…

All made it clear to him the one thing that gave people the kick of doing things. Power. And he had it right now.

Fire in his heart and mind, his nervousness dropped away and his limbs moved faster.

He almost reached his class and could see the students sitting there. It reminded him of chickens in a slaughter house.

He got in the class and all the students sat in their places. He was the boss now. He was the teacher.

“I am your new teacher”, said he and he said in his mind, “and boy are you guys going to suffer”, with a grin.


4 thoughts on “Campus life.

  1. Well, I’ve got a more beautiful campus life experience than this guy… Poor him to haven’t learned anything from his past misery… 🙂
    Good post :).

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