Hallowed be my name…

Hallowed be my name… 


I’m waiting in my cold room, when the alarm begins to chime,

reflecting on my past tries and it doesn’t have much time.

‘Cause at 1’o’clock, they take me to the exam hall,

the sands of time for me are running low.


When the sir comes to give me the papers,

I take a look through the bars at the last sights,

Of a sem that has gone very wrong for me.


Can it be that there is some sort of answer?

Hard to stop the surmounting terror.

Is it really the exam, not some crazy dream?


Somebody please tell me I’m dreaming,

Its not easy to stop from screaming,

But words escape me when I try to write.


Ink comes but why am I writing?

After all I’m not afraid of failing,

Don’t I believe that there never is a pass?


As my friends take me to the college,

Somebody cries from a room, “May bits be with you”,

If there’s a God, then why has he let me go?


As I walk all my leaves drift before me,

And though the end is near I’m not sorry,

Catch my hand ’cause its willing to write away.


Mark my words, please believe my will lives on,

Please don’t worry now that I have gone

I’ve gone beyond to see the truth.


When you know your time is close at hand,

Maybe then you’ll begin to understand,

Study leaves are just a strange illusion!!!


Yeah, yeah, yeah… Hallowed be my name

Yeah, yeah, yeah… Hallowed be my name


Hey there! My exams are just eight days ahead and I’m taking a short break of about 20 days from blogging. So just wanted to give you a short farewell. 🙂

And hey, the above song is not written by me. Its actually  a song by “Iron Maiden” called “Hallowed be thy name”. I just kind of raped that song with my own lyrics in between! Here is the actual song.

So long folks! Arigato!

Sayonara! 🙂




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