Numbers to the soul’s rescue.

When was the last time you were not happy getting more marks?

When was the last time you were not happy getting more number of hits on your blog?

When was the last time you were not happy having more number of friends on facebook?

When was the last time you were not happy getting two chocolates than one?

When was the last time you were not happy you could do 10 push ups than 5?

When was the last time you were not happy getting more points while playing tetris?


Those questions make my point pretty much. However, this is not just a number line with whole numbers only. We’re considering integers. As such,

When was the last time you were happy seeing your high hospital bill?

And as for that matter your electricity and telephone bills crossing a threshold?

When was the last time you were happy seeing millions had died in a catastrophe?


We attach numbers to almost everything we do and the higher the value, the stronger our emotion regarding it is on the ‘happy-sad’ integer number axis. The questions I’ve written in the first part lie on the positive x-axis and as the numbers go up, it means we’re having more fun and enjoying our lives.

On the other hand, the questions in the second part lie on the negative x-axis and as the numbers go up, we get sadder. So our soul reacts to the events that take place around us depending on the numbers we have attached to it.

It might be alright if we just don’t take that for granted. There is the natural tendency of high numbers indicating strong emotions. But putting more thought into it is sure to give shades of gray too than just black and white.


Time, the fourth dimension.

During my 12th standard, I had a teacher by the name of Arun Kumar. A cute and charming person dedicated to teaching and family. He used to give us free times in the class now and then so that we could discuss with him and the whole class about any sort of weird ideas that we had.

I still do not remember how this “weird” idea came to be in my mind, but it did and I did ask him about it. (Hola! I suddenly remembered! I had read the book “Time machine” by “H. G. Wells” and I think something of the sort was mentioned in there)

My teacher was not a very highly educated person, but he loved to know how students thought and he encouraged us thinking out of the circle. He told me he had heard about such a thing during his college days but had not looked into the matter much. But he did push me to find it out.

But somehow I dropped the idea.

Now after all these years, it comes back to me all of a sudden when I was talking with my Professor at college about how much time I was actually wasting in the name of “attending classes”.

But coming back to the point, is time a dimension? We use dimensions in order to represent an object or plane right? If we need to represent a square plane, we need to have two axes minimum. But the thing is, the square existed in this world when we represented it. It existed for an amount of time while we were busy representing it with two axes.

Suppose we used x and y axes for representing it. Then just like saying that the square doesn’t have existence without either x or the y axes, we can say that the square can’t exist without time either. So time is a necessity for representing anything and everything. So shouldn’t it be an universal axis? Maybe that is the reason why we don’t use it explicitly in order to represent things.

Even though I researched about the matter, I’m trying my best to not any Wikipedia information interfere with my thoughts on the matter. For this is science and we all have a say.

As such, the question of ‘what is time?’ becomes confusing. Is it just a measurement standard that we use to specify the occurrences of events in our lives? I mean just like we use mass to represent the amount of substance within an object? Or is time something that has an existence of its own waiting to be explored by us?

My thoughts on the matter have reached this point and I’ll be carrying on with it later. After all, I need more time.

When the tide flows your way.

This is a real life experience related by my dad to me one fine night. I jotted it down and made up into a story as best as I can. My dad is the narrator.


I was sitting with my father along with my brothers. We were very poor and were very lucky if we got anything to eat for supper at all. One day, we were fortunate enough to get a bowl of rice soup each for supper. By the time we were starting, we heard a knock at the door. My father opened the door and there stood a very weak and thin man shivering with cold. He begged for some food.

My father, without saying anything to him or to us, welcomed him in and poured a fraction of soup from each of our bowls into another bowl and offered it to him. He drank it with much gratitude. Finishing it and then praising, blessing and thanking us with all his heart, he went away.

Naturally, out of curiosity, we all asked father who he was. Our father replied:

“Children, I’ve started working for my livelihood since I was five years old. And one day, when I was so full of hunger and exhaustion, I went and begged one of the owners of the shop for some food. He treated me very kindly. Instead of giving me food, he gave me five or six lashes with his whip and made me run for my life. And do you know what is the most interesting thing that has happened to me over the past few years? It happened just now. The man whom I gave food to just now was that shop owner’s son.”

Campus life.

He came to his first day at college finally. A long time had he waited for this day. Nervous, a bit too tensed and above all, with many a memory he craved to re–live again, he took his books in his hand, let go of a deep sigh and lugged his somewhat unwilling legs out of his room slowly. With each step he took, his heart grew only heavier. He was finally back where he wanted to be, but was this how he wanted to be back? Will any of those old moments come running back to him? He had no clue.

“Well”, he thought, “things can’t be all that worse”

As in a dream where we live for almost double the time than in the real world, his ten minute walk to the class seemed to him a lifetime.

The trickle of water from the ruined tap in the courtyard out front seemed to him now like an ever flowing stream that took with it all the joy, sadness and the whole life of a kid with it from the moment he set his foot in that place.

As for him, his yacht had sailed down it already and went into the depths. He smiled at the thought of once pushing his birthday buddy into it and camouflaging him. But fortunately for the birthday boy, their Principal came to see them loitering around during class time and they got busted while he lied still in his camouflage.

He was nowhere near reaching his class while finishing these thoughts. Just two or three steps had he taken.

The steps seemed much more heavier for him to take now. Unexpectedly, he saw his two worst enemies coming right at him. But the usual shudder did not come back up his spine. Instead, he saw himself going out to meet them.

His thoughts were cut short by a call. “Hey newbie, having trouble finding your first class?”

It was one of the teachers who had helped him through his admission. They had grown to be quite close friends in a short while. “I’ll manage on my own”, he said with a smile.

Things seemed weird around him and his mind almost grew blank. Thoughts of his own seemed too much of a luxury now. He remembered the silent lad he was. And how the teachers used to tease him just for the sake of it.

He had never even once complained about it. But the scars that he accepted were never to be healed.

How he once was made to sit in front of the class mimicking sitting in the toilet. How that day all of his so called “friends” laughed and how none of them stood up for him.

He was an entertainment tool.

How he was caught and made to strip by a bunch of his drunken seniors…

All made it clear to him the one thing that gave people the kick of doing things. Power. And he had it right now.

Fire in his heart and mind, his nervousness dropped away and his limbs moved faster.

He almost reached his class and could see the students sitting there. It reminded him of chickens in a slaughter house.

He got in the class and all the students sat in their places. He was the boss now. He was the teacher.

“I am your new teacher”, said he and he said in his mind, “and boy are you guys going to suffer”, with a grin.

In the name of love.

One of the few ‘perfect’ songs that I have come across. U2 has never stopped at anything or stuck to any specific rules. Its always trying and trying with them. And a few of those songs that came out during their disciplined follow of music are just wonders. Always a song that raises my spirit. Hope everyone enjoys it! 🙂

Heal the world.

When the world doesn’t make much sense and I try to put things in perspective, I look for a common denominator. And what better option is there than trying to make the world a better place to live? Even if only words, this song does inspire. For a life that has lost its innocence, Michael Jackson surely soothes the mind with his music. A lovely song.

Captain Majid.

Actually called Captain Tsubasa in Japanese, it was an anime football cartoon. It was dubbed into Arabic and I met the hero as Captain Majid when I was in gulf. I loved this guy just more than anything in the world and I would actually pray to God day and night to let me see him just once. (Oh those were the innocent and sweet times. 🙂 ) I would lie down and dream going to places with him, playing football with him… I was such a kid. 😉

The music below is from the Captain Majid 8-bit game for the NES. Its actually a compilation of all the musics in the game and I love each one. The game was no different for our family too. Me, two of my cousins, Hafiz and Afsal, and my brother have devoted dedicated time to the playing and finishing of the game. Of course, the game was purely either in arabic or in japanese. Japanese I say! But none of that stopped us. We played and we won! Lots of memories of my childhood are on this one game. I always feel good when I think about those days and also when I hear the musics… 🙂 Here it is for you!