He lied down to sleep. But he just couldn’t. The reality of the situation sunk within him slowly inch by inch and he felt every second of the pain. There was nothing that he could do about it now. The time he had was over. He had wasted it. He had ignored his duty and had fell prey to the luxuries around him and at last, only when the day came to an end did he realize he will have to pay for his irresponsibility.

He tried to close his eyes but their hulking figures punishing him mercilessly came into his mind and it was almost as if he really felt each blow that he thought of. He tried to think of other things to just fall asleep but alas! Reality’s grasp was too much on him. They were going to get him for sure the next day. What hope was there? Absolutely none.

He lay there listening to the pitter patter of the slight drizzle outside. He wished the world to end just then and there so that he wouldn’t have to suffer the cruel humiliation the next day. Death seemed like a better alternative for him. His heart beat was rising and the agitation took away with it all the sleep he had.

He lied listening to the music of the rain outside. But there was no enjoyment in it for him.

He suddenly heard his alarm ringing and the time was a bit into morning already. He had slept off somehow. He jumped up from his bed and for a brief second said, “Oh please God…”.

Then he heard vaguely the maid speaking to someone over the phone. He couldn’t make out what it was, but he hurried downstairs.

“Lucky kid!”, the maid said, “They just called and said that you don’t have classes today as there is a function for your senior students and teachers on short notice. You’ve got a day ahead of you.”, she ended with a wink.

His name was Shareef. He was in 6th standard.

He hadn’t done his math homework.

He stood there for a while at this news, looked up with a smile and went to get the day started.


In the memory of our school days…


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