How many Fathers do you have?

One? Guess again! I bet you’re disgusted in reading that title. But hey, don’t take it literally.

One day when I was on my way to college from home, I had the privilege of being accompanied by one of my good old friends who goes with the name of Jasim. A jolly fellow. Tall and well built. We sat together in the bus and started a casual chat about how things were going for each of us personally over the past few years.

In the midst of the talk, he put to me the above question. I was like “What!?”. He gave a hearty laugh and gave me his mobile phone and told me to browse through the contacts. And there it was!

Vappa1 – 1234567890

Vappa2 – 1234568790

(Vappa means father)

Even though the way he put it was hilarious, it certainly was food for thought.

It is a common practice these days among most of us to keep taking sim cards one after another. I know one of my juniors at college who takes a new sim card each time he wants an Internet connection.

He takes a new sim card, which are nowadays free and you can get them by just filling a form and submitting your id proof, uses off its Internet offer, throws it away and then submits the next proof, takes the next card and so goes on his story…

He must have at least 50 sim cards in his name by now.

However, there is something scary about this business. A son of my Dad’s friend was to leave for gulf. He went to the airport and was going through the formalities over there when some error was found in his documents. I do not know what sort of errors were those but it so happened that he was required to undergo a police inspection suffice to say his journey was cancelled.

He returned to his home and the police inquiry was going on. The next day or after one or two days, the police came to his home with a report Β and he was taken into questioning under the fact that he had 5 different sim cards under his id! He had no answer to the question why he had so many different sim cards and what were he using them for.

As such, him having multiple sim cards was filed as a police case.

This maybe the case of one in a thousand or maybe ten thousand. But if anything goes wrong with you, this is a solid proof to show that you’re upto something criminal in nature. So be careful and think twice before getting into a kick of taking sim cards.

Drop the “Ha ha! Sim cards!! I want more! GIVE ME MORE! I’m the Powerful! Ha ha he he!! SIM CARDS!! PILE ‘EM ON!!!” attitude and be content with the one that you have.

Also don’t get more logical fathers, mothers and siblings than you already have. πŸ˜‰


18 thoughts on “How many Fathers do you have?

      • True. I heard we will have to face even problems from income tax department if the number of SIM cards are high, I don’t remember the source, will try to confirm.

    • Well…Yes…True…But, me I’ve had the same no from the start of college. Never changed the SIM. But I do have numerous Idea SIMs in my name. Why? Because only Idea provides me roaming in Doha. And that is the only way i keep in touch with everyone. They all expire by the time I want to use it again.. So, I am kinda forced to take new Idea SIMs every time I go to Doha. So I’ve gone through 7 Idea SIMs so far..

      So, in my case, its an exception? πŸ™‚

  1. I have two mothers πŸ˜› (seriously, my father has two wives ^_^, and we all live in harmony).
    When I read the above title, I was thinking that it meant our father and our father in-law, so we (who are married) all have two fathers! Yay! πŸ˜€

  2. I can understand the annoyance of having different numbers. But why the the haste in making it criminal/illegal and have the government baby sit all of us? Don’t the government already have so much power over us?

      • As a matter of fact, it has happened to me. I could not invite one of my dearest friends for my Sister’s wedding because he had so many SIMs that nobody knew which number he was using at that time.

        Actually, it is not about me not being able to talk to a person. I state my opinion from seeing the people around me. That means my hostel mates. Seeing how and what they use their SIM cards for, I really wish there was a restriction on issuing multiple SIM cards for a person.

        In other contexts and scenarios, this might not make sense.

      • Did you realize you were asking to give more powers to the government to stop an annoying situation at worst or even something that ended up in a casual joke? I think this way of looking at government as a big brother is problematic. I’m happy you realized it could be solved outside of government.

        You might have realized many legitimate use from the comments. If what you asked from the government became law, he would have become a criminal. There so many laws already which we should struck down for they are used to jail innocent people. If you seriously think it is a problem you can talk to all your friends who use many sims, you can blog about it (which you already did, which is very good), and you can limit its impacts yourselves.

        Don’t you think your friends would understand the problem? Don’t you think they can make their choice based own their estimation of risks? I think that is what being free means, being able make choices and take resonsibility of the results.

      • Now that you put it that way, I feel like I was finding an excuse to cover my own incapability to put a stop to it by wanting the Government to do something about it.

        They do understand the problem. But in the middle of having fun, who cares?

        For now, I guess I’ll just let it be. They made their choices so let them take responsibility for their actions. I’ve done my part of telling them that its not a good thing to do. So I’m good.

        But even when I say that, deep inside I’m not sure that this is the way to do it.

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