Our Engineer’s day. (In the memory of 15th September, 2008)

When Afaf told me to blog about this day, I really did not think I would. But then I realized I can read this again some day later which will bring back a few moments of lovely thoughts…

We have completed 3 years of engineering. 3 years of college life. We have seen and learned so much (of course, not academically!) But philosophically regarding life and relations. Some of us even have learned academics pretty well.

I remember the 15th of September, 2008. I came to the hostel directly with my mom and dad early in the morning. There was a lot of hustle and bustle as the confused freshers were trying to get a grip on what the heck was going on. Suffice to say we had to wear Hawaii slippers, we couldn’t fold up our full sleeves, we were not allowed to tie watches, we couldn’t put anything in our shirt pockets and oh sweet lord, we had to run all the way to the college gate (from MH) with hands raised and books in our hands!! These were the unwritten laws of our beloved seniors at our beloved college.

But thank God Hashim was there whenever I needed to talk to. I love him. May God bless him. 🙂 I’ve wrote about him here.

Back then I used to almost curse each day morning. Time would really slow down when our running starts and it will be a lifetime before we reach the college gates… But now.. Now that we are fourth year students, the first year happenings are the only common things that we can sit together, talk about and laugh… 🙂

I mean even today when I ask, “Hey da, do you remember how we shot each other with the drafter” or “Dude!! The push ups on the grill!!” or “I jumped higher than you during those mech salutes”, to my friends, there is this sense of having lived life… What I mean is, the things that didn’t used to make sense once are now making the best of memories I will ever have.:) I believe what happening today that drives me crazy will make sense tomorrow when I grow up… 🙂

I have seen many people change in this course of time including me. I’m not the kid that used to simply sit in his seat without doing or saying anything. Frankly, right now I think I’m overdoing it. 😉

My sister advised me to never put smileys while writing. I’m trying to follow it hard (stupid sms habit. Just won’t go away) but this post deserves some. 😀

I go through my diary and see what all has happened. I mostly laugh at everything written over there. I’m sure I’ll laugh until I cry some day when I go through it after a long while..

Hey, next year this time? We won’t be here…

Those were the best days of my life. 🙂

Here is my most loved song ever. No dedications. Anyone who has enjoyed their college life even a bit will surely appreciate this. Whatever be said, I really am going to miss this life a lot…

Yup, I AM going to miss it…


2 thoughts on “Our Engineer’s day. (In the memory of 15th September, 2008)

    • Just one more year bub.. How much can I overdo at the maximum? 😉 He he… I’ve done enough already huh? And hey, that’s a pretty nice song! Listen to it sometime… It always, as in, aaaaaaaalwaaaaaaaays makes me feel good to hear it.. 🙂

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