Wolverine fan!

Lately I had a talk with one of my friends on how to sort things out in life. Well, me being a great fan of the guy above, I put forward the ways how he deals with things. Hey, its simple. Lashing out or withdrawal.

Given a situation, either it is total carnage or else he won’t be even anywhere near the place. But I guess that’s pretty irresponsible way to live. So I told my friend to take the path that lies in between. To withdraw when you need to and to compromise when you need to too. That, unfortunately, is the hardest way. But this post ain’t about life’s philosophies!

Wolverine is a mutant. A mutant can be vaguely put as someone having an ill-fashioned gene. However, the story is that we are now homo sapiens right? One more stage of evolution comes where homo superiors get born. They have this extra gene which gives them all sort of superb powers and stuff. Wolverine is one of them.

His power is his accelerated healing factor. Wound, shoot him, hurt him, he laughs them off. The kicker is, his mind too gets healed. If there are any memories of his that hurt him, he heals over them and never remembers such a thing happening. As such, he doesn’t remember his past at all. He is always in search of it.

For a long while I’ve wanted to watch a cartoon or movie where our man really sheds some blood. But till now all the cartoons and movies shows him stabbing, cutting and all but none of them have the slightest amount of the violence this bad ass is really capable of. Not a single drop of blood. There are a lot of comics in which the massacre is there but not a single cartoon or movie.

And mark my words, for a dedicated Wolverine fan, Hugh Jackman in the X-MEN movie does not fit the bill at all! He is tall, handsome, well spoken, and all… A good guy basically. Whereas the real Wolverine is short, bulging with muscles, hairy, and doesn’t usually sit down for a chat to get information unlike Wolverine with Gambit in that movie.

I mean come on!! Hugh Jackman only uses the word ‘bub’ twice (or maybe thrice) in all those four movies together!! Each and every sentence of Wolverine’s usually start or end with ‘bub’!

So here it is folks. Marvel has finally come out with something my heart really yearned for all theseย  years. A real Wolverine cartoon! I never get tired of watching it again and again just to see him shout and shed some blood with those claws of his. And as for his attitude, no one tops him.

Have a nice time watchin’ bub. He is the best there is at what he does. But what he does, isn’t all that nice.

Hope you’re psyched!


4 thoughts on “Wolverine fan!

  1. My husband is also a BIG fan of Wolverine. In the fourth X-Man it is explained why he lost his memory. You should watch it. The movie is all about Logan’s past life until he lost his memory. You would be amazed at how old he is :D.

    I watched X-Man from one to five. The fifth is about how X-Man came about and also the story of Professor X and Magneto’s (past) friendship. Too bad they met Wolverine but he didn’t want to join them at first. Yup, you explained his character well in this post ^_^

    • Lady, no offense, but you’re telling me about Wolverine? Geez… I’ve been reading and acting this guy since I was ten years old!

      And the fourth X-MEN movie is full of crap. They’ve screwed the whole story up. (And yup! I’ve already watched it.) Trust me, the movie had got nothing to do with who Wolverine really is. If your husband is a fan of Wolverine watching the movie, tell him he has got no clue.

      I don’t mean to be rude, but I get serious when it comes to Wolverine.

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