Alright now, this post is not for the faint hearted or for those sissies. This is for those kick ass cartoon lovers out there who loves to see some serious butt kicking!

Ooookay… Let’s get down to business.

Personally, instead of putting the title for the video below as “The avengers VS the Hulk”, they should’ve put it as “The Avengers getting creamed!”

So, here is the fun. I mean, Captain America is the wonder boy. He’s got the super serum and he always knows what is the right thing to do given any situation. But over here.. Oh boy, he charges in on the Hulk!! The idiot! Fortunately he lives to regret his mistake thanks to Betty.

Ah, Iron man… Haven’t we all heard of the sweet millionaire who doesn’t have a heart? I’m glad he doesn’t have one coz it wouldn’t have survived the humiliation he gets here. He has all the cool modern technologically advanced bull-shit on him and whatever pride this son of a gun has in his so called “armor of gold”, the hulk beats all of it to an unrecognizable pulp!

Thor!!! Oh the high and mighty God he is! You know something cool about this guy? Well, apart from looking like a complete loser, he has an ultra super-cool hammer with him. Designed for a God, it is I believe. The kicker is, it cannot be lifted by anyone but him. Maybe some sorta emotional attachment an’ all but I dunno… And guess what? The HULK not only lifts it but smacks it right across his kisser knocking the all high and mighty Thor out!!! So much for his hammer. Ha!!

Goliath and the little one. You see, Goliath can turn into this huge giant sized giant which makes him “feel” that he is really big and powerful. I guess that makes him a bit over confident. Well, the Hulk sure opens his gates of reality for him .Glad Hulk didn’t decide to have a go at his family jewels! And as for the little one (I don’t know her name), I think she is the only one who was fortunate enough to at least even start annoying hulk. Nice going with getting into his ear laddie!

There are two other boneheads in there who are absolutely delusional. They shoot Hulk with guns! Oh sweet mother of mercy isn’t that just wonderful?

I mean come on!! We all know that the madder the Hulk gets the stronger he gets. And what are these idiots doing going after him without a plan?? I hope they have at least learnt that by now after getting the heroic thrashing that was coming to them. If you ask me, they asked for it bro. They’ve got peanuts for brains!

One of the most enjoyable cartoon scenes that I’ve ever seen in my life! Had a really good time watching it with my brother. 🙂


Hey! What do you think? Share your thoughts. :)

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