The world is mine too.

When those times come when you feel down in the dumps, when you feel that you’re not significant in this wild world where there are so many great and successful people, the easiest way that you find to comfort yourself is to think, “I’m neither special nor worth anything”, and go back to watching a movie to hide your own mind from your own failure. In a nut shell, you lie to yourself.

Is that how you want to spend your entire life? Don’t you wish to know what you are a part of?

When one night in such a mood I wandered out of my home for a stroll, I happened to look up at the sky. Oh, the wonder that I witnessed! The shining stars lighting the sky… It is not words that convey what you feel. It has not been taught to you what beauty is and how beauty is defined. But at sights like those, you behold the beauty. And when you stand admiring it, the veil that covers what lies beneath slowly lifts and your heart feels that beauty… The glory of the creation that you are and that what you witness. You realize you too are a part of something that is truly, really wonderful.

Why do the stars twinkle and why does the moon shine if not for you? How are you not significant to them? They light your way and soothe your heart just as they do any other person’s. Are you not special if they are there to help you through? Are you not special if such beauty exists right before your eyes for you to witness?

I do not try to solve your problems or provide you with all the life’s answers that you need to know. But when one finds some sort of an answer to a common problem, I believe he should share it so that at least one out there gets his thoughts ignited. And maybe that one person blazes his trail to find the answers that we seek. I do believe that is pretty much how the spirit of open source and free software works.

I wanted to write this post for quite a while now. But I couldn’t get the proper incentive. But then I happened to see the wonder that you’re about to witness below. Then I knew I had a lot to be thankful for and that no matter what anyone said, we all are special in our own ways.

We all have much to be thankful for…

He made an example out of his life. Let’s make one out of ours too.


One thought on “The world is mine too.

  1. Yes, he is amazing isn’t he? Subhanallah. We are all created to achieve success, its our own choices that makes us fail.
    And here is for you 🙂

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