A surprising blood test.

I was new in town and wasn’t accustomed to the way of life there. I was getting along fine. Making friends, talking with strangers and getting to know them and all.

However, one unfortunate day, I got the flu. My body temperature began to rise and I happened to consult a nearby doctor. He prescribed a tablet temporarily and told me to get my blood tested.

Fine. A medical laboratory was within the vicinity and I went there with the doctor’s prescription.

It was a small lab. Entering into it, the reception desk was to the left and there was a settee for the patients to wait on the right. Someone was already sitting there and I shared the seat with him.

I expected a nurse to come out from the room within with a needle and a rubber tube in her hand in order to take my blood. But waiting for about ten minutes, no nurse came. Instead, the door opened and a tall and handsome man came into the waiting area. He was quite tall, dressed in a long black coat just like the ones that were wore by the old British royal families. A graceful scent came flowing from him and everything suddenly seemed much more joyful. It was as if there was nothing more to worry about now that he was there even though he was a complete stranger to me.

He had a warm smile on his face which made me feel comfortable. It was reassuring that everything was fine. With that smile on his face, he slowly came near me, laid his hand on my shoulder and sat beside me. I was really honored that a person like him would take the time to notice me.

“You have come to have your blood tested son?”, he asked with an air of self-importance.

“Umm.. Yes kind sir. I have come for that.”, I replied.

The smile on his face widened and I turned my face to look at the door expecting a nurse to come at any moment now.

At that moment, I was vaguely aware of a slight warmth on my neck. I realized that it was his breath. But why? I asked myself. I dare not turn and cross a man like him. I sat like a statue staring at the door itself.

His breath came nearer and nearer and then all of a sudden, “ARGH!”, I screamed!

He bit my neck!

I jumped up in disgust and stared at him. He was sitting there calmly gargling something in his mouth. I looked at the other person sitting there and he was engrossed in the magazine that he was going through. I did not know what to do.

After rinsing for a while, he took out a test tube from his coat pocket and spat into it. There was half a test tube of blood!

“Please take a seat son. I’ll give you the results in a few moments.”, he said.

I was in a trance. I sat down looking at him. He gave me a sponge and made my hand hold it where he had bitten. He went over to the reception and took a pen and paper.

He took a small sip from the test tube and after a few questioning looks and a bit of gargling, swallowed it. He wrote something down on the paper. He repeated this process until he had emptied the entire test tube.

Finally he folded the paper in which he had jotted down a lot of stuff and handed it over to me. “Here you go son. You’re fine. Just a slight fever. It’ll pass soon. Go and show it to the doctor. See you.”

With that, he went back into the room. I was thunderstruck at the whole ordeal and could not decide what to do. What in the world had just happened? I had no clue. I just had to make myself believe that this was how things worked out over there. I walked out of the lab holding the piece of paper the handsome man had given me free of charge.

Vampires taking courses?

Seems like I still have a lot of catching up to do in this new life of mine.


9 thoughts on “A surprising blood test.

  1. Thank you Nifithatha! Thanks for taking time to visit this crazy (not to mention psycho) world of mine. šŸ™‚ And maybe I will change “A ‘psycho’ path” to “Harispuram”. šŸ˜‰

    And Prasi, the next time you go to get your blood tested, you will think twice before letting the doctor close to you. šŸ˜€

    • So from what I get,this is what happened to u – U first get bitten by the mosquito (I frgt his name) and then u had fever and then u went to get ur blood tested and then got bitten by the handsome doc, and here u are sitting and blogging away which leaves me wondering ………..are the other 2 still alive!!!

      • Sad to say Agronak was a martyr. But he did his job. And as for our good old doc, none of us that hard-hearted to drive a stake through that heart of gold. After all in Harispuram, you do see Vampires in the long queue at the front of the unemployment exchanges. šŸ˜€

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