Cloud – A menace? The future of cloud computing.

If you still haven’t figured out the new look and personality (not to mention existence) of the word that used to refer to the beautiful white, sponge like stuff hanging high above your heads since the day of your birth, then you are yet to welcome a new caretaker into your lives.

Cloud computing – the buzz word these days. Everything is being taken over to the Internet. And getting that to be the maximum is what the cloud does.

The idea is just like renting space to do your work. You don’t need to worry about the infrastructure at all. You just pay the money and say you need this much memory, hard disk space, processor power and so on along with other software services that you might need like compilers and text editors. Once you’ve paid, you’ll be given all this whose maintenance will be their responsibility and you just need to concentrate only on your work, which will be simply writing code mostly.

However, something here scares me very much personally. You can visualize the cloud like a huge building where everything is available. All you have to do is to ask for a place in it, thereby which they will allocate a small portion of the building for you, walk in through the front door and do your stuff. You’re not the only one who is going to be availing this facility. So thousands and millions of people (or rather renters) are going to be there side by side with you.

Now what scares me is this. What happens if they close the front door?

People, cloud is where a few people will cluster together and provide all the services that we need. All our works, personal informations, everything will be out there with some others. What if ‘they’ decide to take over the world? It will be the end of the world as we know it. Is this a plan for 2012? Lot of questions and zero answers. Only time will tell.

I feel the whole situation like Sauron waiting for the Ring and instead of trying to destroy it, all of us are desperately trying to get it back to him.


3 thoughts on “Cloud – A menace? The future of cloud computing.

  1. Well, its always the hope that the will keep the door open..the other thing to bear in mind is that, to keep it open they will need funds…obviously, be taken from those who enter the door…what would be more remarkable would be the existence of an open cloud…where we reach the problem of “free beer and free speech”..yes yes..we will all get an answer in due time..

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