Two is one!

Thoufeeq and Hisham were in one room in their hostel. Of course, it was a four-person room, but we need not concern ourselves with the other two people in their room right now.

Their life is such that these two people never wake up at the same time in the morning. Either Thoufeeq or Hisham wakes up earlier than the other. Whoever wakes up goes, brushes, finishes his morning chores and comes back. Then the other one goes through the same process and both of them together have breakast and leave for college happily.

It so happened that one blessed day, by all that is wonderful in this world, these two people woke up together! Well, it is life and you can’t expect things to be always the same. So that is fine. But what happened next, quite isn’t.

They woke up, sat up in their beds rubbing their eyes wondering where they are. After a while both coming to their senses, got up from their beds, stretched their arms giving a yawn and went to the shelf where they keep their tooth brushes in a cup.

Both reached the shelf, extended their hands, reached the cup and you know what happened? Both held the same brush.


Dedicated to all my friends living at my hostel. Life at MH simply rocks and it is something I’ll proudly look back upon. It is sure to bring a grin on my face.


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