A word that means so much and yet the word that people don’t even think about.

A gesture or just a word is all that you need to do it. And the beauty is that any of us can do it.

It sometimes may change the life of a person completely. But it seems people either don’t realize that or maybe they just don’t think about it. All the things that we think that are important in our life, all the things that we hold dear to us, we do not include this in any of it.

Of course, to get it, other people will have to put their minds to it. But to give? Do we need an excuse to give it? Not at all. The moment you see one of your friends or those younger than you trying hard to achieve something, is it really hard to go and tell him, “Good work lad!! Keep at it!”, without being sarcastic?

Well, maybe it is a bit hard. But that is not to be taken as an excuse.

A word from a teacher to a student who is trying hard to get a program right. A word to your friend who is trying to accomplish something that most people haven’t. A word to those younger than you when they are trying heads over heels to learn something that you already know. The list goes on and on…

But take my word for it. The difference that you make when you give motivation is not meager. It gives meaning and hope to and rekindles the spirit of the soul who is trying to make a difference. When he gets tired and is about to give up, your words will make the fire in his heart burn with more yearning to strive for what he believes needs to be done.

However, I do believe giving motivation requires some degree of self-respect. What you have done and accomplished in your life will make the tone of, “Good work!”, sound how it should. Otherwise definitely sarcasm will enter your voice. And that will create an adverse effect. Whatever spirit with which your friend was working will be shot dead and he will quit trying for sure.

Chances are limitless. Even if you have not thought about it till today, opportunities will come your way by the truckload tomorrow and the day after.

Just make sure you don’t fail to do your duty.


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