Good news!

With the slight guilt of having troubled the seniors with their projects by blowing up the UPS, I went to college today. We had to submit the soft copy of our mini project report today (at least we thought so) and JHspice was on it. Rambo Jinu, the chairman, editing and formatting the whole report from top to bottom from morning to evening, got really tired of it by the end.

After finishing it by 3.30 in the evening, we decided to submit it in front of our guide. But it was Anuraj sir!! The man who knew about the power of mordor. A bit hesitating, I finally decided to go and meet him.

There he was standing in front of the lab holding his head. I took a few deep breaths and got ready for receiving whatever was going to come.

Getting closer to him, I was greeted by a warm smile. Something told me that not everything was wrong. Even though Ponnappan had mentioned it, I hadn’t quite digested it.

He said with a smile, “It was not the UPS of your lab that got damaged. It was the other lab’s. You could’ve resumed your work if you had came today morning to the lab.”

The sense of relief and at the same time the sense of guilt for not having had more faith in myself, in what I was doing and in God who sees and knows all, I stood there with him. It was pouring cats and dogs. He was enjoying the rain. Or maybe he was wondering how to get home. His slight headache prevented him from checking our soft copies today and he was standing there, hands folded on the bars of the grill, leaning forward. It was one of those mesmerized moments where you just stare at something and see that you can’t take your eyes away. I accompanied him. After all, neither of us could get out of the building (since the birthday girl, Afaf, had borrowed my Umbrella and I was waiting for her to return it).

We talked.

For the first time in college, I could talk to one of my teachers with an open mind. We joked a while about how a guy riding a bike almost fell down risking a turn in the mud in front of our block. We talked about the rain and how heavy it was. We talked about the department and the sorry state that it was in. I told him about the one thing I wished for the most in college. A few motivating words from the side of a teacher.

He listened to me. He said his part and I said mine. We were entertained by how one of the teachers was trying to get her car out of a messy situation from right under our nose.

It was nice and heart warming.


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