The 7th of July.

Besides the day being one of my friend’s birthday (Oh boy, is he going to get it!!!), its a day that’s beginning to drive me crazy.

int count = 0;

Poor student: “Sir, when should we get our records binded?”

Greater teacher: “Submit it by Seventh. That’ll do”


Great HOD: “Seminars on the double!! Get your topics and submit them along with the abstract and references on 7th!!”

Poor student: “Yes ma’am!”


Again the great HOD: “Main project topics! Get on it my lads! Provide me with your abstracts when we begin our next semester. When is that? Oh 7th… He he…”

Poor student: “But ma’am… Alright ma’am.”


Poor student: “Ma’am, shouldn’t we be submitting our project report?”

Great teacher: “Oh don’t rush it. Take your time and do good job while preparing it. Submit it by the 7th of July”

Poor student thinks: “@#$*#”

Poor student says: “Right!”


But if it was to just reach the seventh of july uneventfully, it would have been fine. But no.

Poor student: “Sir!! Please postpone the exam on June 29th to some other date so we can go home!”

Greater teacher: “Of course my dear lads! Write one on 5th and the other on 6th. Have a nice vacation!”

Poor student: “You are too kind sir”



printf(“Number of works pending = %d”, count);

Number of works pending = 6.

He he… Are we going to give a few bumps to the birthday boy!!


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