Q: How was the day? A: Oh it was a blast!

I guess I’ve never been so literal in my life.

Mission lab – Day 3 (D – Day)

With much more enthusiasm to finally see the fruits of our labour, we were in full swing today. Although I was bit late in waking up due to the uninterrupted series of sneezes that I had last night, I managed to get to the lab half an hour late. The team was given instruction to start without me and start, they had!

I was a bit thrown back (with each sneeze that I made) and I just couldn’t do hardware today. But when Chellan is there, who needs to do hardware? He was already taking things apart when I entered. “Let’s begin installation!”

I was pretty adamant about installing 10.04 as it was an LTS release. But I knew not my fate on the path I had chosen! We forged a way, a psycho path, hoping to find light at the end but alas! The fate that awaited us was grim indeed. Even by the sword of elendil, light was not shone (But our mobile phones helped a lot. 😛 ).

I could say Ponnappan was the hard disk specialist. He had some spell that made hard disks work. We burnt two new installation disks of Ubuntu 10.04 and started installation. Well, just as Hobbes puts it, “You can take the tiger out of a jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of a tiger.” And like that, I just couldn’t resist the temptation to name the computers that I installed something weird. But why make it weird? Lord Of The Rings shall it be!

Shire, started I, Rohan, Lorien and things were going pretty smooth. Except for a few systems simply not accepting the 10.04 disk. They were more adamant than me and I had to go for Debian distros. On our way we found out that we had reinstall certain Windows XP OSs too. We couldn’t risk them having viruses after our job was done.

Our compiler, Bose, was on the job. He was installing systems just like children playing with their toys. And I was sitting on one too. When I reached the partitioning part, I found out that it was a 160 GB hard disk! 50 GB was already given as NTFS for windows. And I was about to give the rest for Ubuntu when I simply asked Ponnnan for his opinion. “Make 50 GB more as D-drive and then give the rest for Ubuntu.”, said he.

“Why can’t it be the other way around?”, I asked.

“Because you install stuff in windows. You don’t do that in Linux”, he said.

I was completely clueless. But I did do as he asked.

However, we sill were forging a path. Unfortunately, none of us cared to notice the faint smell of burnt ash. We were nearing somewhere dark and dreary.

Ponnappan was installing a system with Debian. He asked me where our journey had reached. Although I said “Isengrad”, we both had a fall out on whether it was “Isengrad” or “Isengard”.

“MORDOR!”, thundered a sound from behind! It was Chellan.

Both of us decided on Mordor and named it thus.

Slowly Mordor started coming to life but Frodo had already made it!


We heard a blast and all was dark. Here was where the sword of Elendil was of no use. We shone our mobile phones instead. But the damage was done! Something had gone really wrong.


Thus ended the third day with a blast! Anuraj sir consoled me that it was a natural thing to happen and not to worry. But it seems we will have to wait long to see the fruits of our labour.



2 thoughts on “Q: How was the day? A: Oh it was a blast!

  1. you were clueless?? I said that because it was more likely that the xp would get loaded with more applications – antivirus, jdk, netbeans and other apps of the sort. the max anyone would want in linux would be gcc considering those systems won’t be used for project. but still lots of space will go wasted in those systems i agree.

    and you called anuraj sir???

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