Mission lab – Day 2.

I was all set to be sitting and installing ubuntu on all the systems when going to the lab today morning. But life just isn’t that easy. We had forgotten about a few CPUs sitting in the cabin. Anuraj sir had told us to check them out. Two of them were brand new and three of them were quite old. Even though we only had three damaged systems while leaving the lab yesterday, now we had 8. But five of them were yet to be diagnosed.

We started away in full throttle. We had two screw drivers today which meant that we could cause double the damage we had caused yesterday. But the great evil struck us! Distraction.

It was the last date to submit the application forms for our sixth semester exams. And we were interrupted constantly by people coming and going giving their forms and talking about this and that. No one was to blame. Sharat had his hands full as he was the rep. I admire his responsibility. He called up all of those who didn’t even bother about the matter and asked them to somehow submit their forms. Ranjith helped him in filling the forms and setting the money matters right. But all in all, our main objective didn’t make much of a progress.

The two new systems that we took today didn’t have hard disks. But it supported DDR2 RAMs. So we had to set them up. Anuraj sir came after a while and blessed us with 6 new SMPSs, 4 DDR2 – 512MB RAMs, one disk drive, one hard disk and a lot of encouraging words. Since we got the RAMs, we decided to set up the new CPUs.

To do that we dissected the already working old CPUs and pulled out their hard disks. We put them in the new ones, placed the brand new RAMs in them and got them working.

Somewhere in between all this, something went wrong. I still can’t get it. We slowed down considerably. I don’t know if it was because we tried installing distros in between this or because we took each and every component apart testing them individually or just because of just plain bad luck, but we were slow.

All things considered, we identified that three motherboards were corrupt and one’s power button wasn’t functioning. Two among the three CPUs whose motherboard was corrupt and the one that had its power button bad were the three among the first five ones that we took!! Putting it that way really makes me crazy.

So all in all, it was a hard software day. and there are still a few hard disks, a couple of drives, two RAMs, and some six or seven SMPSs lying around over there.

Its going to be one heck of a satisfaction once we’ve cleaned the whole thing up. And some emotional attachment to this lab is going to last always even after leaving my campus.


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