Mission lab – Day 1.

Dear Lord! What a department ours is. One whole computer lab called the “Debian networks lab” lying there completely unattended to! No one even cares whether it lies like that or not. I believe Anuraj sir and Viji ma’am do care, but they just don’t have the time to do anything about it them being the only two staffs in our department (another one of our department’s mention-worthy features).

Anyway, at last I went and asked Anuraj sir if I could help him out. I just couldn’t sit quietly when so much resources were just lying there underutilized. I wonder why no one ever cared to do anything about it.

He agreed and I decided to stay at the hostel itself this week even though almost all the others are happily at their homes. I wanted to learn and moreover, I didn’t want anyone else to feel what I felt on seeing the condition of the lab. So I was determined to do it.

Since all the hostelers had planned to go home, I called three of the day scholars to help me out. Sharat, Ranjith and Sudheesh (Ponnan, Chellan and Bose respectively). We did quite a good job in the lab today.

It was hardware day. Dissecting all the systems and identifying where lay the faults in the systems that didn’t work. RAMs, SMPSs, CMOSs, Motherboards, what not! We dissected everything to the core and have drawn a fine line between those systems having a hardware complaint and those systems that don’t have it.

DDR, DDR2, 128 to 256 to 512 to 1024 MB RAMs were there. All working, surprisingly. We got two spare RAMs and those are still lying somewhere in the lab! Hope no one decides to play flute with it.

A very constructive day and I can see more interesting stuff ahead. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the software day where we install all the systems with OSs and get them up and running.

To the future!


3 thoughts on “Mission lab – Day 1.

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