The lost word.

Words are not things to be used by men.

It is something God has bestowed upon Earth.

God gave sound, we discovered the wonder…


It was like a pearl from the depths of ocean

when man first found it.

But the pearl was not left so.

Men sold it for the counter_word that God had given him…

He sold it for power and glory.

He got in return more than ever what he wished for.

But never once did he get back the pearl that was lost

except through some who had a glance at the light reflected on it.

And that light is growing dim.

People babble these days.

Oh where are the words that once filled hearts with light?

Where are the words that once uttered was louder than thunder

and sweeter than the nightingale?

Where are the words that once commanded out of love

rather than out of power?

Where are the sounds that once came from the depth of hearts?

Gone, they are!

Forever into a land of nothingness…

To be preserved by God as the precious pearl it is,

till man yields his body and soul to him, the One!

And then shall we know what we lived by and for!


2 thoughts on “The lost word.

  1. I’m usually a bone head when it comes to poetry, but this one I can more less relate to.
    Yes, thank you.
    And this is for you… (related to this poem)

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